ADVAIT MADE EASY ; guide to practical Hinduism

Brahm Prakash, Divine light ( Divinity); Param- atma or Avadhoot during lifetime &

Resurrected or Moksh after living body at own will

is not merely a different or superior light then other lights ( Dvait)


seed” light that has power to manifest all living or nonliving forms ( Advait).

Thus the Dvait ( divisional) itself has power to lead us towards ADVAIT ( collective seed like form) existance;

the first verse of Brahm Sutr
” Brahm athato Zigyasa”

The inquiry into present DUALITY can lead us that we all have a ADVAIT basal form ( kshtr and ksheyrgya of Gita; Dvait & Advait of Vedas;  Divisible & PARTICLE OF EVERYTHING of Science) .

The easiest way is to understand it by CELL MODEL ;

STEM CELL form being Advait form where as NON– STEM CELLS being  Dvait forms incapable of regenerating WHOLE ORGANISM.

If we understand that STEM CELL is affected by Autonomic nervous system ( ANS) then one finds great MISSING LINK between healthy & diseased being.

The uncontrolled excessive misuse of ANS during life situation of lust, fight, fear, anger, greed, attachment, delusion etc lead to ANS exhaustion & death

Whereas stability , control, optimal use best defined by activation of one ANS supplied organ ( Golden ANS pathway) lead to STEM CELL stability and an healthy STEM CELL HOMEOSTASIS.

Meditation help us to activate Golden ANS pathway ( Ingla moon 🌝 like localized parasympathetic; Pingla , Sun like generalized sympathetic and Golden pathway ANS”either of ANS supplied organ” is Sushmna) and restore the STEM CELL HEALTH including ?? cancer stem cell?? health.

This may explain recovery of cancer patients through SELF HEALING dreams, events related to calm ANS or active Golden ANS pathway Sushusmna).