Spiritual Know how in 2 minutesआत्मदर्शन मर्म 2 मिनट में;


This reading material may give one ultimate Spiritual knowhow theory. However own Sadhna practice & commitment to embibe holy word & holy light  alone can materialize spiritual awareness for ownself under an able Spiritual teacher ( Guru;  who already has holy word & Holy light ; Brahm Naad & Brahm Prakash imbibed in ownself).Otherwise this reading material shall just yield a theory & not practical experience. Theory may appear irrelevant to one who donot understand that MERE  READING ALONE can not TRANSFORM one into Spiritual Enlightenment.It is holy word & Holy light that enlightened our great spiritual leaders.I have presented vital framework to creat an environment of universal promotion of all religions & shared human evolution & spiritual biology for understanding highest values of spiritual wealth these Divine leaders have imparted us. I was fortunate to have a glimpse of higher Spiritual experience by grace of my Samarth Guru. Any suggestions & modifications are always sought for increasing human holy understanding & experience.

Ultimate in depth Spiritual who is who in 2 minutes.

Everyone has to pay a price for not Rediscovering the true SELF.

Life changing 2 minutes.

आत्म उत्थान; 2 मिनट

पंच ज्ञान ( जीते जी)

1) जिज्ञासु या दुष्ट या उग्र या ढोंगी ( जीते जी)

2) ईश्वर (जीते जी)

3) परमेश्वर (जीते जी)

4) परा (जीते जी)

5) परमात्मा (जीते जी)

6) ब्रह्म (मर्जी से देह का त्याग)

आकाश (पंच धुरी)

पंच धुरी
n= धुरी1a, p= धुरी1b

1) ग्रहों का समुह (सूर्य की धुरी )

=सुर्य तारा मंगल/ संसार

2) तारों का समुह ( विष्णु नाभी की धुरी)।

= (मिल्किवे )आकाश गंगा / ब्रह्मांण्ड

3) ब्रह्मांडो का समुह (एक काल / ग्रेट अटरैक्टर) की धुरी).


4) काल का समुह ( महाकाल / जांईट अट्रैक्टर की धुरी)।



अनेक विश्व का समुह ( जो दिव्य/ब्रह्म प्रकाश निर्गुण धाम /द्वारा /दुर्ग/ दरगाह की धुरी )


मत्तो विनिर्गतं विश्वं मय्येव लयमेष्यति।
मृदि कुम्भो जले वीचिः कनके कटकं यथा।।१०।।
अर्थ–जैसे  घड़े का जल समुद्र के जल से मिल जाएगा, सारे गहने पिघलाकर ,पिघला हुआ सोना स्वर्ण में मिल जाएगा;  वैसे ही मुझ से प्रकाशित यह विश्व (मैटर और एंटी मैटर की प्रलय के उपरांत) प्रकाशमान होकर मेरे ही (दिव्य ब्रह्म बीज रूपी) प्रकाश में समा जाएगा।।१०।।

Delhi Akshardham 5 Domes & AW 5 Domes, Indus Valley  (?5) Domes near Great water bath all explain 5 seed power of BRAHMAN of RIG VEDA.

STUPA (Central highest dome with smaller 4 domes along with central dome) representing VISHIST ADVAIT ( Jeev,Kshar, Akshar,Pra, Pratpar). Vedic STUPA structure surrounded by water body all around , not for holy dip. Do not confuse this water body with another independent water body;for ritual of HOLY DIP or modern Musical fountain show.
Angokar Wat Temple Cambodia. STUPA like (Highest Central Dome with 4 small Domes). Vedic STUPA like structure surrounded by water body.

SEED power of BRAHMAN of RIG VEDA shown as 5 domes in temple of Angokar Wat Combodia ( 1-Jeev , 2-shar, 3-Akshar, 4-Pra, 5-Satith-pragya & Pooran Brahm)

SATUPA like structure with large central dome (? 4 broken small Domes in corners) ; on artificial hill ( open pyramid like ) likely surrounded by water canal all around. Another independent water body ( Great water bath) for HOLY DIP on auspicious days same tradition as KUMBH MELA HOLY DIP still practised in India resulting in largest gathering on earth ( BAPTIZATION like ceremony).

पांचवी धुरी चेतना (अवधूत चेतना/ स्थितप्रज्ञ/ निष्काम कर्मी/ शक्तिपात समर्थ गुरु)

मनुष्य व आकाश

1) जिज्ञासु (जीते जी)

2)क्षर/अणु देश/ ईश्वर =विराट+ हिरण्यगर्भ + अव्यक्त। (सुषुप्ति, जीते जी)

3) अक्षर / काल/ परमेश्वर = प्रधान +प्रकृति+ पुरुष। (सर्विकल्प समाधि, जीते जी)

4a,b,c) ब्रह्म / भगवान/ हरि/ अकाल देश/ शाश्वत तत्वतः/ गौड=

4a=4) परा/ अंतर्यामी।

(निर्विकल्प समाधि, जीते जी)




परात्पर/ परमात्मा

(निष्काम कर्म, शक्तिपात, दिव्य लोक दर्शन , जीते जी)



पूर्ण ; हरि; गुनातीत; निर्गुण; निर्मल कैवल्य;

(मर्जी से देह का त्याग, निर्वाण के बाद; दिव्यलोक स्थिति, ठिकाना, ठौर)

हरि 🙏राम;

हरि 🙏कृष्णा,

हर🙏 हर 🙏महादेव ;

हरि 🙏सांई ; हरि नाथ

हरि नारायण;

नानक पूजे हरि🙏 हरि🙏 देवा ;

पत्थर पूजे हरि🙏 मिले कबीरा पूजूं पहाड़, इससे तो चक्की भली पीस खाए संसार ;

जय समर्थ गुरु हरि🙏 ।

Spiritual knowhow in 2 minutes


Human awareness

1) Human

2) Ishwar (son of man) is different ( Lifetime)

3) param- Ishwar ( son of God) ( Lifetime)

4) Pra ( Holy light) ; ( Lifetime)

5) Paramatma ( Divine light) ; ( Lifetime achievement)

6) Pooran Brahm ( Resurrected) ; after leaving physical body at will


1) Group of planets around star ⭐ =solar system ( sansar)

2) Group of 🌟 stars around Black hole = Galaxy ( Brahmaand).

3) Group of Black holes around Great Attractor= ( Jagat)

4) Group of Great attractor around Giant Attractor; ( Vishav)

5) Group of GIANT ATTRACTOR around a single body called Hari Dham,Dwar, Durg or Durgah , Gunateet, Nirgun, Nirmal realm of DIVINE LIGHT. ( Creation)

Humans & Heavens

Five Dimensions or levels

Dimensions must well be understood as level of awareness

Solar system with Sun in center and many planets around.

Black hole in center with many solar system around.

Great Attractor in center with many Galaxies around.

Giant attractor in center with many Great Attractors around.

Kingdom of Light with Many Giant Attractors around.

Only one with access to fifth level in LIFETIME shall have access to KINGDOM OF LIGHT when one leaves body at will.

Hindu connect of five Dimensions


Human ordinary consciousness

Know how of planets


shar trinity =Son Of Man = Ishwar (Virat, avyakrit, Hirnayagarbh); Sushupti

Know how of stars


Akshar trinity =Son Of God ( prakarti, Pradhan, Purush) ; Sarvikalp samadhi

Know how of Galaxies

Bhagwan / Hari/ Brahm 🙏 Shashvat tatavatah / God =


Pra/Antaryami / Holy light ( Nirvikalp Samadhi)+

= Know how of Great Attractor



Pratpar/Parmatma ( Nishkaam karm , Shaktipaat in Lifetime) Holy Father

Know how of multiple Mahakaal/ Giant Attractor pralay of finite around infinity.


5b )

Pooran / LORD resurrected ( after Nirvana that is leaving body at will).

Into the Kingdom of Light,Bhagwan, Nirgun, Nirmal,BrahmPuri , Brahm Prakash 🙏 Dham, Hari Dwar, Durg, Durgah.

Dham ( Divine / Brahm light body) axis surrounded by numerus Giant Attractors (finite multiverse that suffer individual BIG CRUNCH when MATTER & ANTI- MATTER mix )


COSMIC BODIES & our own body has HOLY WORD   & HOLY LIGHT  embedded within us called


Amen  & Divine body in Christianity;

Amin  & Noor or Tajaliyae Jaat in Sufism.

If one is not able to decipher HOLY WORD  & HOLY LIGHT before death then one is born in domain of HOLY WORD as Ghost & is amneable to rebirth 

Whereas the one who have achieved Rediscovering of HOLY WORD  & HOLY LIGHT attains RESURRECTION called Moksha / Nirvan / Gunateet/ Nirgun / Nirakaar / Nirmal / Kshetrgya/ Brahm tatav Swaroop/ Hari

Hari 🙏 Rama ;

Har Har Mahadev ;

Hari 🙏 Krishna ;

Hari 🙏 Sai ;

Hari Narayan;

Hari 🙏 Pooran, parmatma, Antaryami;

Nanak japae Hari Hari Deva ;

Pathar pujae Hari 🙏 milae toh Kabira pujoo pahar issae toh chakki ( spiritual chakkar, latayuf) bhalee pees khae sansar;

Jai Samarth Guru Hari 🙏.