MD9*) SIDDHA ASANA & Spiritual biology; Dr Puneet code.

Deity sitting in middle with Siddha asan pose and being served drink by two ladies ( Indus seal)
Indus seal showing Siddha asan ( not lotus pose)
Indus seal showing Siddha asana ( not lotus pose)
Baba Ramdev jee in Siddha Asan
Heel S1S2
S2,S3,S4 ( sacral nerves of both sides) supply the alone outflow of SPINAL PARASYMPATHETIC autonomic nervous system to 1) uterus in females ( गर्भ); phallus in males 2) large gut ( जराष्ठ अग्नि) 3) anal canal (मल द्वार).All these three organs are supplied by S2 S3 S4. This characterise the SHUDRA CHAKRA as mentioned in Gita (Gita Chapter 3 verse 38 )
The asan positions the heel abutting the anal opening. This yields celibacy ( sexual control) as well as activation of lowest SHUDRA spiritual knot or चक्र ( ELECTRO- PHYSIOLOGICAL and embryological sacro- coccygeal division) including very special the spinal parasympathetic supply S2, S3 S4