??Reality (Truth/ Divinity)?? verses Mithya (non-Divinity) ; ROBOTs verse SELF; 3 minutes. MD Puneet code SB.


1) Educational THEORY

2) Practice & experience ( holy sound+ holy light+ Divine light

3) Loving the life of the light & SHARING

First of all , one must  at least EDUCATE oneself theory of TRUTH ( promoter) then seek a life time to EXPERIENCE/ know it ( knowledgeable) and LIVE it ( become wise one SHARING the wisdom or light) and helping individuals,families, society and humanity at large.

Thus Wiseman who share REAL LIGHT are remembered worldwide & at all times for good whereas the devilish, dark leaders are looked down at all times.

nothing comes free; not even REAL light.

Rediscovering REAL light; rediscovering GOD within us;  Real verses non real with in us ;
Back to kingdom of God or light or reality.

Real light is a form of matter that give rise  to different types of matter.

Kshetrgya & kshetra

The conglomerated form of REAL MATTER ( TATAV) is also nicknamed as

1)  SEED form

If one is given Seed, the root, bark, leaves, stem, flower, fruit without seed; only  the seed has the power to recreate everything’s; seed alone must be WORSHIPPED to know whole truth & so is DIVINE MATTER ( real God particle; say Rig Veda)

( Pooran that give rise to jeev, shar, Akshar, pra, Pratpar; VISHIST ADVAIT- say Swami Narayan of Akshardham )

2) Kshetrgya All knowing ( note kshetra is the non conglomerated form) say the Gita.

3) originator

4) Almighty

5) owner of all / sabka malik ek

6) Giver of all ( DATTATREYA)

7) Trimurti (Giver of all three matter forms beyond SELF/ real ; atomic, dark, anti- matter & energy) is the first & FINITE derivate of INFINIITE. Note infinite has multiple finite.

All finite merge as ZERO as and when matter combine with ANTI-matter; leaving the REAL conglomerated form untouched.

Infinite remain unaffected by finite; zero (s) & infinity ; the secret of finite ( mithya; avoid calling unreal rather call Zero-ing or finite or for impending doom )
Infinite conglomerate matter with or without finite

8) Infinite Hari 🙏 ( HA means every thing ; Ri moving because of light; Hari 🙏 means LIGHT (seed) OF EVERYTHING.

Tri- devta; Trimurti finite; infinite ( yantra; tantra; Mantra) note infinite has multiple finite. finite sum up as crunch to ZERO. This is like humans produce sweat or waste but largely remain unaffected

Kshar =Atomic matter

Akshar= HOLY word/ Dark matter

Pra = Holy light/ holy Ghost/ Anti matter

Pratpar/ avadhoot/ Parmatma/ stith-pragya ( living God/ Guru) with Real light. .(DIVINE or STRANGE MATTER)

Divine being ACHIEVED in lifetime itself then remain alone after. ENLIGHTENED one leaves the body at will.

Pooran/ resurrected / Lord ; senior members 🙏 of immortal club with real matter alone after death.

9) Daatta ; the giver

10) Thakur ; the final destination

11) Thour ( ठौर) ; the stagnation

12) Pooran Brahm or simply Brahm if not qualified.

13) DIVINE light that give rise to HOLY LIGHT, HOLY WORD & Kshetra.

14) HE ( seed/ conglomerated/ Divine/ real) knows;

he ( non- conglomerated/ derivations/ kshar- Akshar- pra) knows not.

HE knows, he knows not





concepts of Vedic tradition laid the foundations of Vedic maths, Vedic Geometry, Vedic Architecture, Vedic temple construction, Vedic cosmology ( 360 days cycle, 12 months of full moon days cycles etc)

How to realize truth ; things which ROBOTS can not ever do.


Discipline of neural energy to activate HOLY WORD

Nerves with ANS ( physical intelligence);. limbic system of brain (emotional intelligence) ;. Neocortex ( Intellect);. Prefrontal cortex (cognition). Heart ( holy word; holy light; divine light start)

Holy word throughout body; to activate holy light

Holy light throughout body; to activate Divine light

Divine light throughout body to achieve state of bliss or STITH- PRAGYA or all time resurrection during lifetime


Continuation of Resurrection / moksha after death; along with others who have achieved same (Divine body or Brahm swaroop in lifetime).