Science of Fire 🔥 worship in Vedas

Many of us donot appreciate three amazing facts that VEDIC SCIENCE knew

The Fire Deity on his vehicle a goat named Ram

1) Fire is neither Solid nor liquid nor gas rather is ATOMIC PLASMA; made up of sub atomic particles like electron, proton or neutron especially rich in electrons.

2) Physical plasma is primordial form of ATOMIC MATTER.

3) The myth blaster fact

99.9% of Atomic matter universe is plasma ( about 4% of Material universe as about 96% is dark matter & 4% atomic matter)

Rigveda & 🔥 Fire

Almost every mandala or division of the Rigveda starts with a hymn to Agni or physcial plasma 🔥.

The vedic hymns praise fire 🔥 copiously often describing him as the supreme Deity and creator.


  • Father: Brahma
  • Wife: Svaha
  • Sons:. Pavak,.
  • Pavanmaan,.
  • Shuchi


Dark matter is neither ATOMIC nor ATOMIC PLASMA particles. (nor electron, nor proton, nor neutron).

Different from Dark matter

Agni is the chosen Priest, minister of sacrifice, called Hotar, who lavishes wealth and dispels the darkness into the EXISTENCE domain (out from reach of dark matter)


This Cosmology makeup of strange matter, anti matter, Dark matter & Atomic matter ( physcial plasma & 100 stable & non stable radioactive atomic elements) was well engraved in Vedic Science.

Agni is appointed by Manu as the priest.

Agni deity is often invoked along with Indra, with whom Agni shares the passion for soma drink.

Agni is also invoked along with Maruts

Matariswan brought him down from the heavens and handed him over to the Bhrigus for keeping.

Agni,Brahm Vidya & Agni Puran

Once, Vashistha (one of the saptarishis), came to Agni. He wanted to have the knowledge of the Brahm.

Agni willingly explained the entire knowledge of the Brahm to Vashistha.

Later, Vashistha narrated what Agni had said to Ved Vyas, who wrote everything down. He called his writings the Agni Purana.

Inter- relationship with BRAHM

Thus Hinduism assign various state of matter as various deities

Prithvi devi ( solid), jal devta ( liquid), agni Dev ( plasma), Yau Dev ( gas), Akash Dev ( space; then 10 different deities of different directions) for atomic matter dimension; well represented by five headed Brahmaa ( not Brahm)

Kaal & Kali / Rudr for Dark matter;

Mahakaal & Mahakali/ Vishnu for ANTI-matter;

Hari ( seed of everything) for Strange matter or Vedic Brahm ( not Brahmaa).

The Upanishads describe Atman or soul as a flame of the size of a thumb made up of Dark matter ( not fire 🔥 flame).

Avatars are the ones that possess strange Brahm matter persona from birth itself thus called Hari Krishna🙏, Hari Rama🙏, Hari Sai🙏, Har Har Mahadev🙏, Hari Narayana🙏 , Hari Datta-treya🙏 , Nanak japae Har Har Deva🙏 , Hari Naam Hari Naam Hari Naam Kevalam🙏. Our own Divine self Hari can alone experience Hari of others🙏 during our lifetime called state of AVADHOOT or Pratpar.


Avatars have Divine Brahm matter persona right from birth ( see book Pratpar by Akshardham Delhi) whereas Non Avatar Person achieve it at fifth level.

Jai Shree Hari🙏 (address all strange matter persona).

24,000 HEADED STRANGE MATTER VEDIC COSMOS; Atomic dimension is equivalent to 0.001% of COSMOS as 99.999 % is Strange matter & .001% is non strange matter ( dark matter & atomic matter & anti matter)


Vedic cosmos

99.999 % Brahm Prakash or Mani tatav or self glittering or self glowing matter.

0.001% material world make multiple material universe say 24,000

Our NON DIVINE single universe

50% Anti matter

50% non Anti- matter (Dark matter & Atomic Matter & Atomic plasma)

Non Anti matter

96 % Dark matter & Dark energy combo ( Dark energy minimal at BIG BANG & max at BIG CRUNCH)

04% Atomic matter

Atomic matter

99.9%= Atomic plasma ( sub atomic particles like electron, proton, neutron

0.1% Atomic matter=80 elements ; atomic particles arranged as radioactive or non radioactive element types.