Highest Challange to be worthy of being born as a human? MD Puneet code SB

 Biggest mistake is when a person donot acknowledge that God is DIVINITY WITHIN and  one finds divinity for sure through discovering Holy word & holy light WITHIN OWNSELF using religion & Spiritual biology. Thus one gets out from reach of Karma by performing Nishkaam Karma after divinity being achieved within lifetime.

Very important message from this couplet is that one must achieve Brahm Prakash swaroop before one dies,

in own lifetime ( not mere reading the concept) rather through living it.

Experience matters

THIS (human body) is the tool to get THAT ( Divine being, Brahm Prakash, Noor, Divine being) through Holy word ( Brahm naad, Aum, Amin, Amen) &  ( Holy Light, Divine light, Noor) Brahm Prakash.

not to die in the expectation that one shall gain Brahm swaroop or RESURRECTION after death.

Actually one need to have have Divine Brahm swaroop before death ;

that is why after death it is the Brahm  divine being that remain as APPARENT RESURRECTION.

That is why one must strive to get Brahm Prakash swaroop 🙏 in lifetime

through experience of Brahm naad & Brahm Prakash,


evolving into six stages

1) Jeev / जीव ( no holy word or holy light & remain in cycles of birth, death & reborn)

2) Kshar / क्षर

3) Akshar ( holy word)/ अक्षर

4) Pra/ परा

5) Pratpar / परात्पर ( holy light in lifetime & living life of Nishkaam)

6) Pooran / पूर्ण ( same holy light after death)

How to transform into being Spiritual

Brahm Sutra

Just lie under sky &  look into sky at night; the inquiry shall make one know where we are placed in whole space journey??

First verse of BRAHM SUTRA/ ब्रह्मसूत्र


ब्रह्म अथातो जिज्ञासा

Human brain has power to know SELF through INQUIRY into own EXISTENCE ( Inquiry tool is inbuilt in every human machinery by default/ ATHATHO)