Only way out for religious tolerance, interfaith, universal mutual respect, justice and mankind well fair


deciphering deeper spiritual biology in terms of embryology, evolution, neuro- muscular- dermato- ANS somites & electro-physiology functional divisions to rediscover SELF


THOU kingdom of divine light  through SELF.

We are working for WORLD PEACE; happiness; INTERFAITH ; achievable through knowhow of SPIRITUAL EMBRYOLOGY ELECTROPHYSIOLOGY BIOLOGY.

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Healing white light body. ( Pratpar prakash sarir; परात्पर प्रकाश देह)
Neuro Musculo- derma anatomy and Spiritual EMBRYOLOGY divisions of SHUDRA, VAISHYA, SHATRIYA, BRAHMIN, VIPR.

This can be delivered to society by trained psychologist, religious teachers, doctors, nurses, social workers, helpers, housewives, school childern, college students, with a certificate programme through MDspiritualbiology; mobile app, E- book, Videos etc.

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