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Amazing spiritual biology (embryology & neuro-musculo-derma electrophysiology) .

Fighting castiesm; now or never:


This reading material may give one ultimate Spiritual knowhow theory. However own Sadhna practice & commitment to embibe holy word & holy light  alone can materialize spiritual awareness for ownself under an able Spiritual teacher ( Guru;  who already has holy word & Holy light ; Brahm Naad & Brahm Prakash imbibed in ownself).Otherwise this reading material shall just yield a theory & not practical experience. Theory may appear irrelevant to one who donot understand that READING ALONE can not TRANSFORM one into Spiritual Enlightenment.It is holy word & Holy light that enlightened our great spiritual leaders.I have presented vital framework to creat an environment of universal promotion of all religions & shared human evolution & spiritual biology for understanding highest values of spiritual wealth these Divine leaders have imparted us. I was fortunate to have a glimpse of higher Spiritual experience by grace of my Samarth Guru. Any suggestions & modifications are always sought for increasing human holy understanding & experience.

A small step for man and a leap for mankind;                                         

                        Neil Armstrong.

Hindu scriptures have clearly defined three categories of human existance

1) Jatti
2) Varna
3) acharan

1) Jatti ( जाति)

defines ways how lifeform take origin on earth.

Jaati signifies the form in which one takes birth.

2) Varana(वर्ण)

define different biology of embryological units in a lifeform.

Hindu scriptures have detailed embryological subunits forming different NEURO-MUSCULO- DERMATOLOGICAL (nerve- muscle- skin supply) regions of human body; all supply TEN orifices and called the controller of TEN ( DASA-YU). one need to control all ten orifices ( desires) so as to develop love 💕 for our own DIVINE SELF that alone perceive the DIVINE SELF  of others ( ARYANS).

Zigsaw puzzle like human body varna

लिखोगे पढ़ोगे, तो बनो बुद्धिमान

खेलोगे कूदोगे, तो बनो पहलवान


सब वैदिक पुर्जे चलें, तो बनें (ब् हम) सतॖआधार ।

Feet shall be ready to run for helping others

Arms ready to fight for justice and Hug the needy.

speech,taste,hearing,vision; ready to acquire Divinity through an able master.

Budhi, Ego and Chit to guide neural energy to heart through Santosh; Shruti (holy word); Samriti (holy light);Brahm chintan (we all are divine).

Heart shall be full of Holy word and Holy Light (Dwij; the second born; transformed; Samadhi with Brahm Swaroop)


Chinta and Chintan happen only in Chit and neither at feet or at arm Varn or division of embryological division.

Integration allow these different divisions to work in unison like a JIGSAW human puzzle.


Chapter 18- verse 42,



18-58 ,


Purusha Shukta (5-15).

Rigveda purusha sukta inform that all the four Hindu varnas of


vaishya (thighs)

Kshatriya (arms)

Brahmin (face)

comes from same purusha.

Therefore in each and every human all the four varnas are present like four parts of a jigsaw puzzle

4 embryological units of spinal parasympathetic; antigravity muscles, sympathetic, cranial parasympathetic ; ZIGSAW HUMAN PARTS are 4 VARNA.

Four parts of ZIGSAW PUZZLE, feet, thigh, arms, face; originate from four different neuroectodermal autonomic nerve supply in human body ( feet from sacrococcygeal S1S2S3 parasympathetic outflow, Thigh from L3,L4 (nil autonomic all to antigravity muscles); arms and trunk, sympathetic outflow from cervico dorso and upper lumbar supply; face from cranial parasympathetic outflow from eight cranial nerves, four on each side, only one nerve supplying face dermatome and rest mucosa of mouth and gut.

Different embryological divisions of neuro muscular dermatomes with Autonomic nerve supply divisions(spinal parasympathetic outflow; lumbar nil outflow; spinal sympathetic outflow ;cranial parasympathetic outflow)
Neuro Musculo- dermatomes with Autonomic nerve supply divisions; embryologically.

However many scholars misled people by twisting the meaning of scripture or misunderstood the concept. They wrongly promoted that the scripture reveals that one particular person has only one Varna and not all the four which however was never the case.

However singlet Varna too is biologically incompatible with life.

Lowest Shudra embryological unit has spinal parasympathetic outflow supplying specific organs inside body (uterus in females and phallus in males, anal canal and large gut)  as well as skin of heels.

Some further did excessive by terrorizing innocent that they are born of a specific lowest Varna associated with the great sin and destined to do dirty laborious filthy waste jobs there by keeping white collar jobs for higher varnas. All of this was nothing that scriptures meant.

4 varna as 4 parts of embryo (external and Internal biology)

Varnas are 4 different cell groups with special DNA & RNA expressions leading to 4 developmental nerve- muscle- autonomic nerve supply groups.

Each Varna has same nerve supply for

external body parts like skin of feet,

as well as

internal organs like uterus

and with or without

special category of autonomic nervous system ( sympathetic or parasympathetic or none).

Vedas and Gita promoted use of all the four varnas as a jigsaw puzzle subpart to attain the state of whole body enlightenment and transform the 4 jigsaw by desciplined use into Divya PRATPAR being or Braham TATAV being.

No single VARNA is capable of achieving the whole body enlightenment.

All four varnas present four different parts of jigsaw human body.

These four parts are equipped with different nerve fibers supplying different muscles;different skin regions; different autonomous nervous systems evolutionary of human body.

These embryological units of human jigsaw puzzle carry different spiritual biology jobs should not be confused with Jatti.


concordance in Gita

Gita Chapter 3 verse 38.

Clearly mention the neural excitatory energy (mansik vritte; मानसिक वृत्ति) diverted to UTERUS, ANAL CANAL & LARGE GUT for digestion and assimilation ( jrashth agni; जराष्ठ अग्नि); the exact make up of SHUDRA embryological neuro- musculo-skin- autonomic nerve supply unit of sacro- coccygeal unit. The lowest part of Kundalini called Shudr as purification (shudhee; शुद्धि) starts from here.

The job of cranial nerve and brain subpart ( Intellect, ego, chit) are called BRAHMIN is jigsaw subpart of human body; well defined in Gita chapter 18 – verse 42; 18-57; 18-58.

The job of Kshatriya subpart ( sympathetic autonomous nervous system) is defined in Gita as chapter 18-verse 43)

The duties of Hindu Vaish (anti gravity muscles) and Shudra Varna ( uterus, anal canal, large gut) are described in Gita chapter 18 verse 44.

This all subparts has to exercise different job as per their capability (Gita chapter 18 verse 45; 18-46;18-47; 18-53; 18-55 ) and like JIGSAW puzzle units , all four has to work together.

Using all 4 ZIGSAW human body parts in a proper desciplined way one is able to achieve PRATPAR DIVAY BRAHM TATAV swaroop.

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3) Achran (आचरण) and profession ( वयव्साय)

Human existance have been divided into categories based on their day to day social behaviour and responsibilities to shoulder a role to be useful in society.



Buissness person


Manual Worker



House holder


The truth prevails

I hope the Varna biology shall be a real fight against ill founded casteism beyond this biology.

Please share with doctors and healthcare givers in your group to make ancient Indian wisdom gain the place it deserves that is in everyone’s ❤️ heart .

Let THOU light shine through us, we THOU childern O’ LORD. God is one senior human who has achieved the DIVINE Glow matter body before us in their respective life time either from birth itself ( in case of Avatars) or got it  in later part of life (Guru). So let us all help each other to join the DIVINE club in our lifetime. Rise and not rest unto realm of Glowhood club. Be the glow, share the glow, Live & let live the Glow (मनि , मणि शरीरा)🙏