D) Bible Glory (बाईबल मर्म ) in 2 minutes

There are five levels of spiritual awareness

Level 1

DARK HEART Non  initiated : Person without spiritual awareness.


(non initiated human )

Level 2

Son of man

मानव पुत्र

( Heart enlightenment)

Level 3

Son of God

ईश्वर पुत्र/ ईश्वर पुरुष

Holy word- Amen

आमेन (धार्मिक शब्द)

Level 4

Holy Ghost


अष्ट सिध

Level 5


HOLY FATHER ( Divinity light body) has power of transferring whole body divinity heart ❤️to heart ❤️ and resurrection of divine body anywhere during lifetime itself AS WELL AS


after death at will

the divine body continue to resurrect in the KINGDOM OF LIGHT. For newer desciple it is apparent resurrection for other older desciples who had similar encounter during lifetime it is continuum.


For God messenger or Avatar are in level fifth from birth itself ( be it any sect) and need not go through lower four levels. However they can reveal all five levels as per desciple need. Thus the level of spiritual awareness Avtar reveals to one desciple can be very different level then one revealed to another human ( depending upon level 1,2,3,4,5).

This is like four blind man give four different description of elephant as per the part revealed to them by touch. However the fifth one with full awareness of scenario understand the limitation of four.

Let THOU light shine through us, we THOU childern O’ LORD. God is one senior human who has achieved the DIVINE Glow matter body before us in their respective life time either from birth itself ( in case of Avatars) or got it  in later part of life. So let us all help each other to join the DIVINE club in our lifetime. Glow unto realm of Glowhood club. Be the glow, spread the glow.