Decoding SUN ☀️ TEMPLE KONARK secret architectural wonders; Breakthrough Heritage crackdown; never before; Puneet code Konark

Heritage Breakthrough ;

Puneet code KONARK TEMPLE ;

Deep space cosmology in stone,

Heritage Architecture with roots in  Ancient Indus valley 5000 BC  & Ancient Karnak  Egypt ( 2000 BC) connect to Konark, Odisha, India


Odisha Konark, India

State of Odisha with 🌞 Sun temple

Original structure;

the back posterior done damaged

Ancient sketch
1250 AD build, KALINGA ARCHITECTURE STYLE; based on Ancient Indigenous astronomy

The carry forward of Ancient astronomical heritage

Cosmology  structure made by King who donated for 12 years and employed 12,000 people to build the astronomy wonder that is now decoded as you read.
The King Raja Narsingh the first ; was the main sponsorer.



Now an UNESCO heritage site from 1984 onwards.


Quote the noble laureate of India


( I had visited both Konark India , Karnak Egypt & British Museum too).

Astronomy in stone

Great Astronomy at work
Made nearby the  sea coast
River Chandra- bhaga used to flow north side

SeeThe Sun shine 🌞 in the arch on 22 DECEMBER or on Smallest day of year, for about next 2000 years.

Sun rays ☀️ enter from door facing East

The sad part of building effort

Architect son completed the project and died of an accident

Proof of

Egypt Karnak


India Konark




stone sculpture of GIRAFFE (found only in Africa) never in Ancient India.

The Giraffe 🦒


Indian Konark Sun Deity  has an 3 cm MOULDING  all around the square pillar , at top , which is exactly same as that of Egypt Karnak Sun temple

Square pillar that serve as a platform for Sun God statue
Moulding at the top , both in India as well as in Egypt Sun temple
Black granite stone pillar that once had Sun Deity standing over it’s platform

Animated tour of digitally reconstructed Sun temple Karnak Egypt likely a mixed

contemporary tradition of India & Egypt ( both with modified & added structures over time from say 2000 BC to 1000 AD.

Sun temple Karnak; a digital slide tour


animated & reconstructed EGYPTIAN SUN TEMPLE KARNAK at  Luxor.

Walled huge Temple complex

The wall
The u shaped wall at entrance
The holy pond within wall like older Great water bath near Holy stupa. Note the u shape wall at entrance with pond in front.


The beginning

The U shaped entrance and an exit in the back wall

The end of majority construction


Note U shape wall of entrance


The line of Sphinx at entrance

The Pillars without roof

The entrance and pillars with no roof

To the  right of pillars

To right of pillars


In line of pillars; The pillar hall with roof & windows
Continue; Towards the back door
The  complex of the back door

HOLY POND ON RIGHT of back wall !!similar to Holy bath of Mohenjodaro ( !!not the public bath!!)

The holy pond
Holy pond

British museum collections of Ancient Konark Heritage.

Deity Ganesha ( represent Purvashada nakshatra)
Adi Shakti on lion ( Mula Nakshatra)  killing celestial Buffalo (Kaal)
Hand grip held spear of Shakti killing demon 👿 on Buffalo
One of the celestial body deity called Ketu
Deity Surya ; Main deity  of the nine celestial bodies ( called nav pind ,wrongly labelled nav grah, in Hinduism & include only the heavenly objects that are visible by naked eye in sky that is Sun, moon, Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn) at British museum.
Surya with lotus on either side; note lotus flower open up with either sun-light or moon-light.


The long shoes of Sun ☀️ deity is same as that of Konark of Egypt.

Standing Deity  Surya; shown with LONG 👢🥾 BOOTS same as depicted in  Egyptian Sun temple of Karnak (2000 BC tradition)

Decoding the naked statues

Erotic statues are based on a story of Shiva transforming deity of Love Kamdev into ashes when Kamdev tried to instill the SEXUAL URGE in Shiva.

Kamdev shooting arrow of love using sugarcane bow at remorsefull  Shiva

However Shiva was in deep sorrow due to death of his wife and transformed Kamdev into ashes by power of his third eye.

Then  from ashes ⚱️ arise the asura (Demon of IMPOTENCY) who takes away the sex drive from the physical cosmos.

Kamdev transformed to ashes by Shiva
Balia in Uttar Pradesh India where Shiva transformed Kaamdev

  need to restore the urge, sage Narda request SAPTRISHIS to create a solution.

Sapt rishi tradition depicted in around 2000 BC seal

Mata Tripura Sundari to get the physical world back to reproduction after getting sex drive & fertility restored.

Dance of restored fertility after asur Dhana- sur is killed.

Decoding 7 horses

7 horses represent 7 colors of white light seen in a rainbow 🌈.

7 horses pulling the 12 wheeled chariot. 7 🐴 horses represent 7 colors of 🌈 rainbow one see in sky on a rainy day
Nature need no artificial prisms to claim 7 colors, everyone can see them in sky as rainbow when small water 💧 droplets act as prism.

Decoding 12 wheels

12 wheels represent 12 constellations through which Sun ☀️ moves across heavens for last about 4.5 billion years

12 wheels represent 12 constellations
Each of 12 wheel represent 12 fixed Rashis the sun travels in 360 days and then repeat the cycle.

Decoding celestial Lion and elephant at far gate

Animals represent celestial animals in Sky.

Mula and Purv Ashadha RIG- VEDIC NAKSHATRAS of modern Saggitarius constellation;

junctional line of 2 Holy nakshatras represent direction of Spiritual enlightenment or Hari Dham

All five heavenly  bodies come in a straight line once a year;

1) Sun at junction of Mula & Purvashada nakshatra

2) Black hole of Milky way Galaxy ( Jamboo Dweep ) ,

3) Black hole of IC 1101 galaxy ( Pushkar Dweep of veda);

4) Great Attractor ( kaal)

5) Giant Attractor ( Maha Kaal)

6) Hari Dham ( Akaal)

A tradition of very many Hindu Ancient temples

Decoding CELESTIAL Lion 🦁 & Elephant 🐘
Lion and Elephant combo
Mohenjodaro seal M 300
Lion and Elephant combo

Lion 🦁 & elephant 🐘 combo called ZOA by modern scientists

Ancient Datt-atreya of Mohenjodaro  had same samadhi Tradition ( Simrat Margi)

To get Tail of lion & tusk of Elephant together ; the animals are shown in a special way that one is walking towards Datt & another away from Datt. celestial buffalo represent Kaal. Celestial Rhino represent Mahakaal.

Same Tradition was called Akash Margi by Jainism

Ancient connect from 5000 BC Datt-atreya to Jainism to Egyptian to Odisha connect of 1000 AD

Astronomy Architecture built in line of winter solstice by Ancient Vedic Architects in line of Mula & Purvashada junction.

Shikher at top ( back structure had another Shikher)


FIRST STRUCTURE SHOWING SUN in home galaxy Milky way


Secret ZOA celestial Architecture in line of modern Saggitarius constellation ( Vedic line joining Mula Nakshatra & Purvashada nakshatra)


Mula & Purvashada nakshatra in Saggitarius constellation ( modern ZOA)
Sun and black hole of Milky way  galaxy ( vedic Jamboo Dweep)  and black hole of IC 1101 galaxy ( vedic Pushka dweep) lie in line of junction for Mula & Purvashada nakshatra.



Milky way point; position to see Milky way galaxy at 🌃🌃 night
celestial RIG-Vedic  crocodile 🐊 ( gariyal)  holding fish in open mouth ; represent the Milky way Galaxy (also called Akash Ganga) is seen from Ladhak .
The home supercluster is called Laneakia and contain around one lakh galaxies; the Hindu texts estimate galaxies ( dweep) to be around 100 trillion ( Brahm Puran).
Side view of temple made pointing in direction of Modern ZOA.
Elephant 🐘 & 🦁 lion gate ; wrong INTERPRATATIONS  till date
The man who doesn’t know the secret direction dies here to be reborn whereas the one who knows the secret get hold the divine ship the moves in the direction of SUN ☀️ RAYS of 22 December into direction of Pushkar Dweep to kaal to Maha-Kaal to Hari Dham. Jai Jagan-nath Hari.


Magnet at the top of temple
Magnet 🧲 affected sailing ships
Magnet affected navigation; the foreign sailors dismantled magnet & Britishers took away the Deity Surya metallic black  statue to London British Museum.
ENIGMA CRACKDOWN; Now you know the great 👍 heritage connect right from Harappan culture of 5000 BC , Veda, Egypt & India know how ( likely from India 5000 BC to Egypt 2000 BC ) to present day.
retaining the Heritage