I)Aum ॐ;the missing link in Spiritual journey; 2 minutes

Aum is the most important as well as most common MISSING LINK in our journey to heighten the human awareness.

If one does not cross this barrier there is no manifestation of spiritual wisdom and every spiritual text becomes a reading rather then secret book of spiritual health and wealth that yield experience.

Until and unless the the Aum is activated inside our body and it moves through various spiritual embryo- neuro- musculo- dermatological spiritual sub-divisions of human body like Shudra; Vaish; shatriya; Brahman; Bhrikuti, Trikuti, sahastradhara, and finally heart ❤️ no human get whole body AUM awareness that is SARVIKALP SAMADHI or AKSHAR ॐ GYAN.

Aum has been called as pranav (प्रणव ); Braham Naad (ब्रह्म नाद ); Sabad; Shabad; Naam; Dhaar; Naam Dhaar and has been associated with various holy rivers actually flowing inside just like outside.

Aum is there inside all living and non living objects like moon, earth, plants, stars, thereby meaning that aum exist from very beginning of creation even when humans were not there.

It lay embedded in all creation having different connect of human body parts with different parts of stellar system.

Gita ( Chapter 8,verse 22; 8-13)

Spinal nerve related centers (Shudra, Vaish, Shatriya) connect us to five vishyas on earth and moon; special senses in cranial nerves connect to five visible plantes ( mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn); Bhrikuti, Trikuti and Sahastradhara related to ahankar, budhi and chit connect one to dark matter; finally Aum in ❤️ heart to black hole at center of milky way ( Vishnu Nabhi) at level od kshar.

Gita say enlightenment is like light of the 1000,1000 suns.That is the mass of our central black hole of milky way.

Gita (Chapter 11, verse 12)

After Aum begins the level of PRA praksh and finally PRATPAR prakash