H/ MD7*) Kriya yoga in 2 minutes;Dr Puneet code.

There are five levels of spiritual awareness humans may develop

Level 1

non initiated

Non initiated

( मुढ, अज्ञानी)humans. Use human body for lust; strength; fear,fight, and anger; greed for fulfilling wants of five senses;(through spinal and cranial nerves); satisfying ego (through limbic system); thoughts to chase worldly objectives and delusions ( through NEOCORTEX);creating worries and fear of impending death (through chit or pre frontal cortex).In short antahkaran chatust the four nervous system evolutionary embryological entities and fifth work in unison to allow only jeev atma to shine in one of the five subcenter of human ❤️ heart ; ( Gita 2-62; 2-63); rest four remain with want of aum, PRA, Nishkaam PRATPAR light.

Level 2

Human exercise control over; lust, strength fear and greed, five senses ( spinal and cranial nerves related activities);ego; perceptions; worries and instead of worrying about impending death develops the thought of holy word ॐ in the heart (हृदय सुषुप्ति);Sashupti.

Heart enlightenment, not whole body

kshar purush status.

Level 3

ॐ Holy word get activated ( Akshar purush) ; starting from the lowest spinal and cranial nerve related chakras(प्राण,मन); then chakras related to limbic system (अहंकार); neocortex (बुद्धि); prefrontal cortex (चित).Finally through KHECHARI kriya or samudra manthan kriya of NEELKANTH( see related section) the whole body AUM ॐ awareness give status of sarvikalp samadhi (lastly Aum embibes in all five ❤️ subcenters of heart.

Chaturbhuj roop darshan, four Ghosts of Bible or four Manu of Vedas. The conch represent HOLY WORD, the lotus represent ATOM, the Mace represent Dark matter and space, the disc represent annihilation and time of pralay, matter antimatter annihilation.

level 4

Similarly to whole body aum; now process for spread of PRA LIGHT ( परा प्रकाश) is initiated and finally fill all five subcenters of heart. This gives status of AKSHAR purush and leads to nirvikalpa samadhi.

The fearful matter antimatter annihilation

Level 5

One achieve status of NISHKAAM karm in lifetime by embodiment of PRATPAR PRAKASH.

The Samarpan and Shaktipaat or DIVINIZATION of whole body.

NISHKAAM PURUSH can perform HEART to HEART divinization and enlighten all five subcenters of ❤️ heart in deserving desiciples ( from dark to kshar to Akshar to Pra to Pratpar; as per requirement).

However as 4th level light is not a light beyond Guna thus 5th level of awareness alone matches the 5 subcenters of heart.This NISHKAAM PRATPAR Prakash comes in wake of ANNANYAY BHAKTI (अनन्य भक्ति) and is beyond trigun related PRA PRAKASH.

Sri Sri Yashpal Jee Maharaj

The process regarding spread of PRATPAR PRAKASH to all body is same as that of AUM holy word and PRA Prakash. The lust;proud of muscular strength; fear and anger; greed; ego, false attachment, impending death worry; all vanishes forever. One becomes ready to fight for and promote righteousness.


PRATPAR divine HARI swaroop continue in afterlife with very same whole body PRATPAR PRAKASH (परात्पर प्रकाश) minus the physical body; apparent as resurrection however same PRATPAR WHOLE BODY was already established in one’s lifetime itself.