Hindu COSMIC cycle  & BODY cycle, connect; MD Puneet code SB

Disclaimer; This reading material may give one ultimate Spiritual knowhow theory. However own Sadhna practice & commitment to embibe holy word & holy light  alone can materialize spiritual awareness for ownself under an able Spiritual teacher ( Guru;  who already has holy word & Holy light ; Brahm Naad & Brahm Prakash imbibed in ownself).Otherwise this reading material shall just yield a theory & not practical experience. Theory may appear irrelevant to one who donot understand that MERE  READING ALONE can not TRANSFORM one into Spiritual Enlightenment.It is holy word & Holy light that enlightened our great spiritual leaders.I have presented vital framework to creat an environment of universal promotion of all religions & shared human evolution & spiritual biology for understanding highest values of spiritual wealth these Divine leaders have imparted us. I was fortunate to have a glimpse of higher Spiritual experience by grace of my Samarth Guru. Any suggestions & modifications are always sought for increasing human holy understanding & experience.

Yatha Pindae,

Tatha Brahamandae;


Nakshatra phases 108

27 Hindu VEDIC TANTRIC  Nakshatras;  with four phases each; count to a total of 108 ( 27×4) phases for a full cycle of sun apparently encircling zodiac.

In another way each of 12 zodiac signs of sun travel ; each has 9 phases of Hindu Nakshatras.Thus total 108 phases. ( 12×9=108).

12months or 364 days  as 108 points means about 3days for each phase. Thus nature decide those three days as our BIRTHDAYS as per biology of our mothers

Sun ( 🐎) & travel across 108 phases of nakshatras;  towards & away BH in line of 🐊 🐘  🦁 🦅 🐍


🐊 / 🐘 /   🦁/  🦅 /  🐍 / NECTOR pot ; found in almost  all Vaishnav Hindu temples.

Sun 🌞 travel across fixed pathway in Zodiac of 108 phases. This was well known to Ancient Indians of Indus valley to Sun 🌞 worshipper tradition families like Rama.

Among the fixed  Zodiac of 108 phases of Nakshatras;  the most important nakshatra is related to modern  Saggitarius constellation as that  point to Sun 🌞 attraction towards black hole. 

Note that in Hindu traditions the  Sun is said to move to and fro in zig Zag (sinus) motion ( not circular) around the umbilicus of LORD 🙏 VISHNU.

In Purana ; The umbilicus of Vishnu represent the BLACK HOLE in direction of  Nakshatra called Purva Ashadha and Mula juntion represented here by lotus stem where as in other paintings by 🐘 and Tiger 🐯 sitting over each other. The Sun is seen pulled by 🐎.

Elephant, Tiger among 108 phases of Nakshatras &  Horse ( sun) going towards and away from BH.

Elephant 🐘= Purv Nakshatra sign

Tiger 🐯= Mula Nakshatra sign

Horse= Sun 🌞 vehicle

108 nakshatra phase story in stone


Elephant= Purv Ashadha Nakshatra sign

Tiger = Mula Nakshatra sign

Horse= Sun 🌞 sign

🦅 Eagle  and snake 🐍

Mirror image

Matter & Anti Matter Dissolution; represented by MIRROR IMAGES of main Dieties.
Multiple universe merging into infinity as zero ( dissolution of matter & antimatter)

3 structures with an universal quantum orbital model ; Atom to COSMOLOGY ; centeral body; Zig zag body around circling body ( in a circular or oval path)

Three bodies in phase one; central, zig Zag , Loss of CIRCUMVENTING object in 4 phase, loss of Zigzag as well as circular in 5A phase, loss of all in 5B phase .

ZIG ZAG celestial body
First to fifth level

Zig zag move = 🌕 moon ( 1 level)

Zig zag move = 🌞 Sun ( 2 level)

Zig zag move =black hole (3 level)

Zig zag move =Great Attractor ( 4 level)

Zig zag move =Giant Attractor( 5A level)

Infinity 5B

Center ( first to fifth level)

Center =Sun ( 1 level)

Center =black hole / ( 2 level)

Center =Great Attractor (3 level)

Center =Giant Attractor (4 level)

Center = Glow matter / infinity matter / nirakaar/ self sustaining (5B level)


Level 1 Earth

Level 2 second Sun

Level 3 ; second galaxy

Level 4, loss of CIRCUMVENTING

Hindu temple showing four levels of cosmology cycles

Side view of four cycles ( sun, Black hole, great attractor/ kaal, Giant Attractor / Mahakaal in center ) ; culminating in single matter & antimatter ( ZERO point)

As per Hindu trilogy

Atomic world is Brahma
Dark matter is Shiva
Anti matter is Vishnu

Divine or Glow or (मणि) manee matter or Infinity matter is Narayan

Energy is female part with all the matter; and subject to recycling of itself out & into matter ; say atomic energy comes and reconvert from ATOMIC MATTER; Dark energy comes and reconvert into DARK MATTER etc .

Thus in beginning there is no Dark energy at BIG BANG & Dark energy then grow to a max then at BIG CRUNCH convert back into BLACK MATTER.


Junction of Mula and Purv ashada Nakshatra represented beautifully by flight of twelve  stairs denoting 12 months ( the path of horse)


Crocodile 🐊 another sign of Purv Ashadha Nakshatra like elephant
Elephant 🐘 & crocodile 🐊 sign of Purv Ashadha Nakshatra.  Eagle and snake sign of 🦅 Eagle nebula & 🐍 Snake constellation ( with Pushka Dweep same as IC 1101 galaxy said to have NECTOR sea around it likely special DARK MATTER)

4) Same true by modern astronomy

Modern science astronomy telling Black hole of Milky way; black hole of IC1101 ; Great Attractor ; Giant attractor all 4 in line of Sagittarius ( Vedic Mula and Purv Ashadha Nakshatra)
Galaxy with stars ( Brahma)
Galaxy with dark matter all around
Galaxies all around Milky way
IC 1101 galaxy in direction of Sagittarius ( Mula & Purv Ashadha Nakshatra)


showing Hindu astrology revealed by Ancient Tantric and Vedic traditions. Painting by Shrishti Malhotra ( concept by Dr Puneet Gupta)

Brahma lotus represents Atomic matter & Galaxy where as Shiva represent the Dark matter (& Kali the Dark shakti/energy) around a galaxy.

Sun 108


Moon 108

ratio of sun distance from earth divided by sun diameter (after billions of years for a few million years)  is 108 ( not for ever)

ratio of moon distance from earth divided by moon diameter (after billions of years for a few million years)  is 108 ( not for ever).

Moon cycle & body cycle &

background single  constellation


exactly 9 phases of  three Nakshatras.

Hindu yugas are named as per position of 🌞 sun in a constellation & Hindu months as per one of the three NAKSHATRA the moon is positioned.

The moon repeat the very same Nakshatra sequence after about 18years.

30 day monthly menstural cycle, fixs day of conception depending on day of ovulation (note ovulation usually happens on 14th day before the next menses). Thus a lady who happens to have menses regularly on full moon is likely to undergo ovulation at Amavasya.The human egg must be fertilized within 1-3days or preferably within 1day of ovulation for best results for conception.There is rise in body temperature along with rise of libido on day of ovulation.

Also the daytime duration decide ovulation in animals .

For some species December month with shortest DAYTIME is stimulus for ovulation ; thus have babies CONCIEVED in Dec Jan-  & for other animal species largest DAYTIME exposure month of June is best for ovulation thus get CONCIEVED in June – July in today era.

This is related to pineal gland- hypothalamus- pitutary- ovarian – axis.

Note that these month of MAX & minimum SUN EXPOSURE change every 2000 years because SUN 🌞 changes the actual position every 2000years by moving to next CONSTELLATION.

Say 11500 BC the December was the month with LONGEST SUN 🌞 EXPOSURE; UNLIKE JUNE OF TODAY.

Great, A wonderful amazing biological insight is that a very small microscopic bug , not seen by the eyes, gives the egg from its ovaries only on the day of the full moon, inside human skin. Eggs again hatch in the the next full moon therefore the medicine for anti scabies is used only after full moon because it can kill only the the eggs and not the adult. Adult shall die a natural death and anti scabies medicine prevent further breeds.Egg Laying only happens in FULL moon night is likely due to rise of osmotic intracapsular pressure of ovary of female sarcoptes scabiei.

The Mathematical wonder

1 cube + 2 cube + 3 cube =108

Golden ratio , 2 sin times 108/2= golden ratio FIBONACCI NUMBER.

All five angles of pentagon are 108 degree.

108 — indian classical music & dance

108 transitions in indian classical music

108 talas or musical meters in indian classical music

108 & Hindu script

54 letters of sanskrit x2 =108

108 & Hindu Architecture

some Hindu temple height is in multiple of 108 feet

108 names