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Spiritual biology of self

Integrated spiritual biology into modern healthcare.

Spiritual biology for world peace through religious tolerance, interfaith connect, pro believer as well as non believer in form of science.

Spiritual biology yield informed practice of spiritual well-being practices for all based on health demands and commitment.

culture- community- religion- science- world peace- religious tolerance- no one above another- all can transform into THOU MESSENGERS- service to Mankind

Small step into Spiritual biology and a giant leap for modern healthcare.

Dr Puneet code


Dr Puneet Gupta Director oncology services Metro Hospital and Cancer institute Delhi; a global leader in spiritual biology and Integrated modern Healthcare.

Presenting Original work in HongKong Gupta white light ( heart- brain- bones).

Hong Kong international cancer conference 2011, study by Dr Puneet Gupta director oncology services Metro Hospital and Cancer institute Delhi India using GUPTA WLVT in psychology oncology care of 200 cancer clients.

Presenting Original work in USA- Integrated anti- cancer care.

Physical, psychological, social,spiritual, economical wellbeing

Dr Puneet Gupta Director oncology Metro Hospital and Cancer institute Delhi with co authors of scientific research presentation at venue 2019.

Dr Puneet Gupta director oncology services Metro Hospital Delhi India at venue.
Dr Puneet Gupta presenting in international breast Cancer Congress 790 new San Antonio 2019. The integrated Holistic health approach practiced at Metro Hospital Preet Vihar Delhi for psychology oncology care using spiritual intervention technique called Gupta white light visualisation therapy.

Presenting Original work in Delhi Taj Palace. India.

Self healing through Gupta white light body visualization ( heart- brain- bones)

Talk at Taj Palace Hotel New Delhi India in session LIFE MATTERS presented case study of 400 cancer patients who had undergone COGNITIVE therapy of WLVT THERAPY in 2019.

TEDx speaker; Africa Madagascar

Integrated modern anti-cancer services. Making integrated wellness an international trend; passing the torch forward.

Ted x speaker in Madagascar for setting up Integrated Anti-cancer care services in Africa.

Original work at Metro Hospitals & cancer Institute, Delhi. India.

Psychology oncology services provided daily to patients at famous tertiary cancer  center METRO HOSPITAL & CANCER INSTITUTE Delhi. Patients given GUPTA WLVT therapy by psychologist.

Metacognitive spiritual intervention

Puneet code

White light; heart brain & bones;

Glow stone whole body Visualization.

See white light

Close eyes;Visualize white light from source to heart.

Most common mistake one do while spiritual awareness practice is to not to visualize the divine principle within body that too in ❤️ heart rather outside body ( sometime in distant heaven etc) by physical vision or mental recall.

White light heart to brain to bones

Another common mistake is just to imagine whole body aura and not the glow inside body.

Whole, white light body healing and removing all darkness, disease and deformity throughout body.

Pandit Gyan Chand a 22 year cancer survivor during presentation on spiritual biology.

Bal Krishan Jee Maharaj of Patanjali with Pandit Gyan Chand a 20 year head and neck cancer survivor and Dr Puneet Gupta Director oncology after presenting  presenting his innovative spiritual interventional technique of WLVT in psychology oncology care at Metro Hospital and Cancer institute Delhi.

Digital innovation team.

My DIGITAL spiritual biology support; to launch an mobile app on SPIRITUAL HEALTH EMBRYOLOGY,,

Spiritual biology art works.

My oil paintings art support Miss Shristi Malhotra on release of painting by Sri Bal Krishan Jee Maharaj of Patanjali, Maulana Kalbe Rushaid Rizvi an Islamic scholar, Dr N N Khanna Apollo along with concept conciever for painting PUNEET CODE Spiritual biology, Dr Puneet Gupta Director oncology MHCI Delhi

Spiritual biology art work being reley.

Spiritual biology abstract art;

The five colors combo of spiritual wellness; Black, Red, Yellow, orange, White.

Concept: Dr Puneet Gupta. Digital work; Puru Gupta

Sharing my light

Integrating spiritual biology in Modern Healthcare system.

Integrated modern Healthcare through psychology oncologist in anti-cancer care

Spiritual biology as a part of curriculum in Amity University psychology programme.

Digital health talk for Amity University India in 2020.

Educating spiritual biology to public

Integrated care in breast cancer; an awareness talk by Dr Puneet Gupta MBBS MD DNB DM Director oncology services Metro Hospital and Cancer institute Delhi India.

Training the future leaders in Spiritual biology.

Training the future leaders in Integrated Anti-cancer care.

Reviving ancient heritage spiritual Yoga wisdom through Modern spiritual biology.

Explaining Yoga through modern medicine

Siddha asan on Indus seal.

Spiritual biology of Siddha Asan; Puneet code

Siddha asan; Yoga Shree Ramdev Jee Maharaj.
Bhagwan DATTATREYA sitting in siddh asan as depicted in Indus seal.
Siddha asan on Indus seal

Nerve supply of heels .

Heel supplied by S2 neuro-dermatome.

Same nerve supply of  anus, phallus & feet.

Phallus and anal opening supplied by S2 neuro-dermatome.

Same sacro- coccygeal  Autonomic nervous system supply to anus, phallus, feet, uterus, anus.

Electrophysiology division the human body classified as four varnas and others in Vedas and Gita. Shudra S2,S3,S4; Vaish L3,L4; Shatriya C2 to L2; Brahmin cranial nerve dermatome as well as mucosal and muscle supply, Vipr ❤️ heart with own nerve supply as well as autonomic nervous system ( kaam, Bal, krodth, lobh; all four related to spinal and cranial nerves ( manas  or mind); ego (ahankar) related to limbic system, perceptions (Vigyan) is related to neocortex ( Budhi); attachment or moha related to pre frontal cortex ( chittah);  spiritual enlightenment (Sashupti)related to heart (chit)

Human body zigsaw puzzle.

Explaining casteism through Spiritual Biology

See Varna, Jaat, persona type

When humans are in embryo stage inside the uterus; different body parts grow and later different neuro Musculo- dermatomes fuse together;  like ZIGSAW PUZZLE parts stick together to make a full structure. Different embryological divisions are called VARNA in Vedas.

Brain optical neurometry patterns & spiritual biology of mental Yoga; Puneet Gupta

Optical brain neurometry

First time ever

Dr Puneet Gupta undergoing optical NEUROMETRY study of the brain during meditation for first time in India
Optical brain neurometry, basal blue pattern
Three lines together; without MEDITATION
Color pattern change from blue  to red color
Three lines separate during meditation.

Spiritual biology; Puneet code:

A platform for  believers as well as non- believers.

Puneet code; Spiritual biology best platform for interfaith.

Puneet code; Spiritual biology both for believers and non believers.

Gupta WLVT technique; Astha TV interview.

Drug less,

Device less.

Dr Puneet Gupta on TV talk with dignitaries at Taj palace Delhi Asian cardiology oncology  conference event 2019 discussing GUPTA WLVT technique in cancer care. See video at end of presentation.

Spiritual health in corona times;

overcome existential crisis

Fear of impending death can be best overcome without medicines and devices, doing cognitive exercise of Puneet white light ( ❤️ heart, brain , bone) whole body Visualization technique.

Facebook talk

Gupta WLVT Spiritual biology  intervention technique; article

Life matters; sharing Spiritual wellness in Asia International meet.

Scientific talk followed by spiritual biology integration in modern medicine; talk by Dr Puneet in a programme LIFE MATTERS

30th June, 2019
New Delhi

To build up doctor patient relationships and take modern medicine care beyond DRUG & DEVICES ; by involving patient into SELF HEALING through AWARENESS OF SELF and following holistic PREVENTIVE HEALTH PRACTICES well founded till ancient times.

A seminar took place in Hotel Taj Palace the theme was Integrating Holistic wellness into Modern Medicine; LIFE MATTERS and Speakers were Shri Bal Krishan Ayurveda Acharya of Patanjali, Dr Maulana Kalbe Rushaid Rizvi Sahib an Islamic scholar and Dr. Puneet Gupta Group oncology Director Metro Hospitals India .

The session was moderated by Dr N N Khanna the eminent interventional cardiologist of the country from Apollo Delhi .

Dr Maulana Kalbe Rizvi was awarded a welcome GREEN HERBAL and then delivered the talk to an eminent gathering.He introduced concept of wellness by building trust between DOCTOR & PATIENT and removing MISTRUST; as these definitely change the body physiology, biochemistry and treatment outcome.

Dr NN Khanna correlated this well with placebo based clinical studies.

Shri Bal Krishan jee Maharaj highlighted the importance of VEDIC and AYUR-VEDIC way of living and to let these tradition be well established through ongoing work at Patanjali.He mentioned that any pathy once inside the body work through PATIENT INDIVIDUAL PHYSIOLOGY and BIOCHEMISTRY; not as per PATHY whether ALLO-PATHY, HOMEO-PATHY ETC

Mrs Mansi Yadav gave short Demo for a SELF HEALING COGNITIVE TECHNIQUE designed by Dr Puneet Gupta which is already used by Dr Puneet Gupta on the patients fighting with Cancer.

Then Dr Puneet Gupta He explained the SPIRITUAL NEURO BIOLOGY so as more doctor practice this COGNITIVE WHITE HEART & BODY VISUALIZATION TECHNIQUE through trained PSYCHOLOGISTS in spiritual neuro biology.

On this Ocassion two paintings on Spiritual Neuro Biology were inaugrated by Shri Bal krishan Acharya ji which were painted by Ms. Srishti Malhotra and conceptualised by Dr. Puneet Gupta.

Dr Puneet Gupta Director oncology Metro Hospital Cancer institute Preet Vihar Delhi concluded with a pledge towards the holistic wellness and to hand over the SELF HEALING bait to patient.

My lights

Kalyan Das Jee Maharaj

My spiritual mentor Sri Sri Thakur Das Jee Maharaj.

Famous Swami Jee Maharaj with great spiritual wisdom and values.

Sri Yukteshwar Jee Maharaj, graced by Avtar Baba Jee Maharaj of Himalaya. Samadhi at Puri, Odisha India.

Hazur Maharaj; the spiritual leader of ALMIGHTY courage and HIS true messenger.

Ramchander jee Maharaj, graced by Hazur Maharaj.

Brij Mohan Lal Jee Maharaj

Sri Sri Yashpal  Jee Maharaj.

My spiritual mentor Sri Sri Sri Suresh Goel Jee Maharaj  and Mata Shrimati Mamta Jee of ABSS.

My journey

Sainik school Kapurthala; my school; 4 to 12th
Favourite biology student of Mr Dhand.
Treated a patient from MDACC with Interferone therapy in combination with Dendritic cell therapy.