B2)Ramayan & Kriya yog (रामायण व क्रिया योग); Puneet code SB (पुनीत कोड).

Disclaimer; This reading material may give one ultimate Spiritual knowhow theory. However own Sadhna practice & commitment to embibe holy word & holy light  alone can materialize spiritual awareness for ownself under an able Spiritual teacher ( Guru;  who already has holy word & Holy light ; Brahm Naad & Brahm Prakash imbibed in ownself).

Otherwise this reading material shall just yield a theory & not practical experience. Theory may appear irrelevant to one who donot understand that MERE  READING ALONE can not TRANSFORM one into Spiritual Enlightenment.It is holy word & Holy light that enlightened our great spiritual leaders.

I have presented vital framework to creat an environment of universal promotion of all religions & shared human evolution & spiritual biology for understanding highest values of spiritual wealth these Divine leaders have imparted us. I was fortunate to have a glimpse of higher Spiritual experience by grace of my Samarth Guru. Any suggestions & modifications are always sought for increasing holy understanding & experience.


Level 1



Lust, strength, flight or aggression, greed , ego, illusion, survival of fittest (hatered, killing), loss of atam agyan;undergo correction through step by step enlightenment.

(काम ; बल,भागो व मारो- क्रोध; लोभ, अंहकार,भ्रम ( घृणा, खुन खराबा) आत्म अज्ञान; एक-एक करके दिव्य स्वरुप को प्राप्त हो जाते हैं।

Level 2

❤️ Heart chakra activation

(हृदय आत्मप्रकाश जागरण)

Level 2 sequence

–Shudra Chakra shudhi ( inside); win over last spiritual knot

Level 2a

-Rescue Kamdev Ashram(outside)

–शुद्र चक्र पर विजय।काम पर विजय (शरीर के भीतर)। -कामदेव आश्रम बचाव, गुरु वशिष्ठ के साथ। (शरीर के बाहर)

Kamdev Ashram protection

Level 2B

-Killing of Tarka ; -Vaish and Shatriya chakra Shudhi ( victory over strength fight and fear)

-ताड़का वध। -वैश्य व क्षत्रिय चक्र शुद्धि। ( बल व क्रोध पर विजय)

Level 2C

-Marriage with Sita daughter of King Janak. -victory over greed.

-माता सीता स्वयंवर । –लोभ पर विजय

Level 2D

-Ego discipline (inside body) -Left Kingship (outside body)

अंहकार पर विजय। -राजा के पद का त्याग ।

Level 2 E

-Budhi discipline. -Left palace, servants,parents -घर त्याग (victory over desire)

बुद्धि पर विजय,. -घर त्याग (मोह पर विजय)

Level 2 F

– Discipline of Chit (inside).

चित शुद्धि।

Level 2G

Heart ❤️ center activation (inside) – Atam prakash. Sugreev killing (outside)

हृदय शक्ति जागरण (शरीर में)

(शरीर से बाहर)जटायु मुक्ति

Devil heart

Level 3

-Akshar Purush. -Sashupti.-14 years in jungle wandering helping needy ( outside)

Akshar / Uttam purush. -Sarvikalp Samadhi.   

अक्षर / उत्तम पुरुष। -सर्विकल्प समाधि;

-अक्षर पुरुष। -सुषुप्ति (जीव आत्म ज्ञान )।     -14 वर्ष वनवास (घृणा, खून खराबा पर विजय; जन कल्याण)

-सुग्रीव वध

Level 4

PRA purush; Pralay purush destroyer of darkness or evil
– NIRVIKALP samadhi.

      -Lanka burning

परा पुरुष; प्रलय पुरुष। निर्विकल्प समाधि

-लंका दहन

Level 5


PRATPAR purush; able to carry out shaktipaat –heart to heart;Sita van Ashram

Pratpar purush attains moksha into POORAN BRAHM.Pooran Samadhi in Saryu river.

परात्पर पुरुष; 5A) देह त्याग से पहले हरि स्वरूप द्वारा निष्काम कर्म ;

Divine being ACHIEVED in lifetime itself then remain alone after. ENLIGHTENED one leaves the body at will.

Darshan to everyone simultaneously when returned to Ayodhya.

– Ashram for Mata Sita

(अयोध्या जनता को एक-एक के साथ, एक ही समय में दर्शन),

-माता सीता त्याग.

सरयू नदी में देह त्याग व पूर्ण समाधि।


Pooran Brahm, after death, apparent resurrection

देह त्याग परे 5B पूर्णब्रह्म में ठौर (ठाकुर) व स्थिति (बैठक/बैकुंठ/ धाम)।

Let THOU light shine through us, we THOU childern O’ LORD. God is one senior human who has achieved the DIVINE glow Matter body before us in their respective life time either from birth itself ( in case of Avatars) or got it  in later part of life. So let us all help each other to join the DIVINE club in our lifetime. Glow.