L) Samarth Guru Mahima in 2 minutes

Samarth Guru evolves one disciple through five stages of spiritual awareness.

Only the Sadhak who achieves the fifth level before death; those alone continuous with the divine body and achieves Nirvana after death.

First level;

moodh, faulters and have no desipline in any walk of life.

Second level;

Sashupti ❤️

Third level;

Sarvikalp samadhi; aum experience.

4th level;

nirvikalpa samadhi; experience PRA praksh

5th level;

shaktipaat heart ❤️to heart ❤️ transmission; experience PRATPAR prakash.

This personality achieve POORAN BRAHM after leaving physical body as the person at 5th level has already possessed immortal Hari swaroop (body) before death.