Matter & Energy;
Mind & Heart; the Divine connect

Matter & energy go together;

that is why we have

Atomic matter & atomic energy;

Dark matter & Dark energy;

ANTI-matter & ANTI- energy.

Thus sameway; cell has built in MATTER & ENERGY MODEL;

Cell has Father DNA (in nucleus) & Mother DNA (in Mitochondria).

Note, in all cells whether male human or female human body; MITOCHONDRIA of everyone cells have mother DNA ( not father) giving ENERGY to all human CELLs

( note; Energy is called SHAKTI in Ancient Sanskrit).

Thus finally we have

Atomic matter & Atomic energy;

Dark matter & dark energy;

Anti matter & anti energy;

Divine matter & divine energy

( Divine matter as Divine Male & Divine energy as Divine female) .

Thus we have

Adam & Eve;

Rama & Sita,

Krishna & Rukmani,

Narayana & Laxmi etc.

male & female manifestations.

Spiritual awareness is thus to control nerves and empower ❤️ heart as both has maximal Maternal DNA MITOCHONDRIAL DENSITY IN HUMAN BODY whether male or female;

Bible and Ancient Yoga say samething;

in Sanskrit = Yog chit Vrittiie nirodham.

Empowering heart (yog) by stopping ( nirodham) the brain 🧠 Cognitive ( chit) neural energy (Vrittiie) expenditure.