spiritual biology of birth, death & RESURRECTION ( beyond egg , sperm & 40 trillion cells); MD Puneet code SB


Initially (senior & very very senior).

(Narayan & Laxmi of Ksheer Sagar; Ram & Mata Sita of Vaikunth; Vasudeva & Mata of Shwet-deep; Dattayreya & Mata of Badri Ka Ashram; Lord Krishna & Mata Satya Bhama of Golok; ADAM & Mata EVE are there in KLINGDOM OF LIGHT or Manik DESH with DIVINE BODIES

Then comes snake or our NON DIVINE wishes to have one eat apple ( Vishaya vasana) & get into realm of NON DIVINE MATTER

DIVINE ( Brahm tatav ) or DIVAY MATTER or DIVINE matter then give rise to ANTI-MATTER & MATTER combo.

Matter then qualifies as DARK MATTER & ATOMIC matter.

Thus we have a TRINITY of NON DIVINE CREATION (Atomic, Dark, Anti- Matter / ADA) or called Tamsic- Rajsik- Satvik (trigun prakriti).

Thus total creation is called ADA-S or triguni & Gunateet strange matter respectively.

Triguni or NON DIVINE creation last till matter & Anti- matter donot REMIX.

Note when matter & antimatter REMIX the DIVINE MATTER or the SURVIVOR -SHIP ( IMMORTALITY) is recreated that again can REGENERATE all the Matter as well as ANTI- Matter & all life.

The great flood and Manu

Thus DIVINE Ship that rescue one from flood ( matter & anti matter combo event called pralay or flood or catastrophe or Qayamat etc in different sects) or Kingdom of light is shown as full of all life forms in Divine ( Strange matter) form.

Trinity or NON DIVINE DIMENSION or realm or creation (outside kingdom of light or Dargah or Brahm-pur)

Freshly created Atomic matter is made up of BOSON, MESON, GRAVITON that inturn makes five forces (strong nuclear force, weak nuclear force, electric force, magnetic force & Gravitational force) as well as QUARKS.

QUARKS in turn makes electron, protons, neutrons ( called sub atomic particles ).

Now SUB ATOMIC PARTICLES either remain in subatomic forms itself (called physical plasma) or get together to make about 80 PLUS different atoms.

Finally subatomic & atoms combine to form five state of matter ( called solid, liquid, plasma, gas, space) .

Thus are yielded various cosmic bodies

( neutron 🌟 star, proton 🌟 star,electron rich plasma 🌟 star like sun)


life forms (made up of DNA, RNA, protein, Lipids, Carbohydrates, LIPO- proteins,GLYCO-proteins, minerals, micro nutrients)

However only TWO atoms were created first; hydrogen & Helium (one active and one inert)


with subsequent star supernova BURST came next batch of atoms





and finally 80 plus other atoms.

Atomic matter ( 96% is sub- atomic plasma & 4% organized as 80 atoms);


96% is DARK MATTER or dark energy and only 4% is ATOMIC MATTER or energy.

In multiverse model ( Divine with say 24,000 anti matter & matter ADA bodies)

96% is DIVINE MATTER & DIVINE ENERGY ( also called strange matter & strange energy in modern Science or Scientology domain; or ALIEN matter & alien energy)

where as

4% is NON DIVINE ; MATERIAL triplet EXISTENCE ( dark matter & dark energy ; atomic matter & atomic energy ; anti matter & anti energy).

However science finally miss HOLY WORD & HOLY LIGHT.

THE CHALLANGE TO FIND OWN DIVINE BEING through HOLY WORD 🙏 & HOLY LIGHT 🙏 ( Brahm naad & Brahm Prakash swaroop 🙏; Amen & Divine being; Aum & Divay sarir; Amin & Tajjaliyae Jaat).


non Divinity to domain of Divinity

Seed of Divay Brahm / Noorani Tatav/ divinity is in Heart of everyone 🙏,

waiting to be infused into whole body DIVINE BEING; after one imbibes HOLY WORD, HOLY LIGHT 🙏 throughout whole body

This is achieved through SADHNA ;

this is a sound & light show to REDISCOVER our whole body ALIEN BRAHM SWAROOP, DIVINE/ DIVAY/ NOORANI BEING;

the journey BACK HOME begins; leaving ADA back to S.

In short ;NON DIVINE MATTER (Atomic matter & energy, Dark matter & energy, Antimatter & anti energy ) will interact and guide us back to DIVINE matter & divine energy dimension or Kingdom of light or Dargah or Manik desh or STRANGE ALIEN KINGDOM by embibing HOLY WORD 🙏 & HOLY LIGHT🙏

Sadhna is dedicating all human deeds ( praying before starting a deed and offering after deed is done) to THOU DIVINE, NIRGUN , SELF ILLUMINATED BRIGHT GLITTERING FORM) of present ( samarth Gurus) or past ( Avtar or prophets) and in SADHNA visualizing human body full of DIVINE LIGHT.

Five barriers; five levels

There is genesis of HOLY WORD within body as one SADHNA lead to go above threshold of mental barrier of 66% and ULT DHAAR start to change PFC or chit, neocortex, limbic system emotional intelligence & ego, cranial nerves & spinal nerve functioning ; thus attaining WHOLE BODY divinity.

Understanding importance of religious torch bearers of DIVINITY

🙏The Avatars Pagamber like Christ, Buddha, Krishna, Rama, Swami Narayan of Akshardham, Avadhoot Datta-treya etc by definition are born with FULL DIVINE BEING ( Brahm swaroop or Noorani sarir) thus they have it by default so to do miracles ( Leela), Shaktipaat & Nishkaam karma.

To be like Avatar one needs to be BORN SPECIAL with Brahm swaroop & not have Brrahm Swaroop later through Sadhna or Samarth Guru grace (shaktipaat) Tradition .

Understanding holy text divine formula of SIX mile stones to achieve Divinity.

In VEDIC, UPNISHAD, GITA, RAMAYANA tradition of 8000 BC terms; the (ADA) is called



Pra and

(D)is called Pra-teet or Guna-teet.

Guna-teet is subdivided as PRATPAR or PARMATMA during human lifetime


RESURRECTION / POORAN BRAHM status/ moksh after one leaves physical body at will into dimension of KINGDOM OF GLITTERING DIVINE ( strange) MATTER called Manik desh or Golok or Vaikunth or Shwet-deep or Badri ka Ashram or Ksheer sagar etc