IVC 5) Decoding IVC PRIEST KING ; Dr Puneet code.

A great connect between the spiritual biology and INDUS VALLEY PRIEST is made out in YouTube presentation ( see on YouTube; Puneet code IVC)

Left shoulder covered
Left shoulder covered.
Left shoulder covered similar to putting the sacred cotton thread as mentioned in VEDAS and SMRITI GRANTH.
Material world trinity ( Sagun; Satvik, Rajsik, Tamsik ; negative, neutral, positive ; see Table below Level 1,2,3,4) represented by club shaped combo of three circles. Divine world alone 5B represented by single circle.Level 5A enlightened lifetime represented by dual circle.
Larger and less costly stones made to fit triple circles whereas costly stones say diamonds fit the single circle.
Observe two Circle dumble shape ( Level 2A) and single circle ( Level 5B)
Same done in India even today.
See AURA around trikuty; the occiput point of boring ( keelak; कीलक)
The AURA around occiput point ; the node of spiritual enlightenment ( Keelak; कीलक).
Back of scalp slanted to engage the head gear 👑 representing AURA around head is still a common practice in India to decorate statues of divine personalities.
Indian crown representing forehead THIRD EYE ( Brikuti; भ्रृकुटी) as well as back side of scalp, OCCIPUT POINT (keelak ; कीलक)
Third eye (Brikuti; भ्रृकुटी); another spiritual point of enlightenment is represented by single circle on forehead and likely studded with diamond.
Arm band single jewel say diamond slot depicting DIVINE DIVAY BODY ( LEVEL 5A)