Temple Architecture & Spiritual biology connect; Hinduism made easy; Puneet code.

Disclaimer; This reading material may give one ultimate Spiritual knowhow theory. However own Sadhna practice & commitment to embibe holy word & holy light  alone can materialize spiritual awareness for ownself under an able Spiritual teacher ( Guru;  who already has holy word & Holy light ; Brahm Naad & Brahm Prakash imbibed in ownself).Otherwise this reading material shall just yield a theory & not practical experience. Theory may appear irrelevant to one who donot understand that MERE  READING ALONE can not TRANSFORM one into Spiritual Enlightenment.It is holy word & Holy light that enlightened our great spiritual leaders.I have presented vital framework to creat an environment of universal promotion of all religions & shared human evolution & spiritual biology for understanding highest values of spiritual wealth these Divine leaders have imparted us. I was fortunate to have a glimpse of higher Spiritual experience by grace of my Samarth Guru. Any suggestions & modifications are always sought for increasing human holy understanding & experience.

Hindu Temple

Journey in to deep space

BrahmPur to earth & Back.

Destination Divine home ( Akaal lok)

Steps to DOOR for Kingdom of Light

Destination Divine door & home.

Destination ZERO (land of spotless, purity light alone)

Shunya Shikhar

Shunya Math

Shunya Mandal

Door Zero ( Door to Kingdom of light with Zero tolerance to impurity or Non Divinity; Zero rebirth)

Brahm Pur Entry gate

Gate of HariDham

Hari Dham Dwar

Mirror image statue at Gate Zero ; depicting DISSOLUTION (one with left leg forward & another right leg forward) Left leg kick destroy right side of opponent & right leg forward kick of other destroy opponent’ left side ( matter & anti matter Dissolution leading to Zero)


celestial bodies


Planets like our earth ( only five visible to naked eyes)

One Solar system

One Galaxy ; Milky way; Akash Ganga ( many solar systems) 🦁, 🐊, 🐘

Many Galaxies ( Jamboo dweep Pushkar dweep🦅, 🐍 🏔️ in straight line)

Kaal ( Jamboo dweep Pushkar dweep & Great attractor in straight line) 🦏,

Mahakaal ( many Kaal) 🐃Jamboo dweep Pushkar dweep ; Great attractor; Giant Attractor in straight line.

Brahm-pur ( surrounded by 1000 Mahakaals or 1000 Multi universe) 🐄

Instead of steps ; Tower with Steps to Door ZERO
Instead of steps ; elaborate Hindu temple Stories with Destination zero at top called Vimana.
Whole Granite Briha-deesh-wara Temple of Dancing Shiva ( Natraj) at Dist Thanja-vur Tamil Nadu India
Whole Granite Briha-deesh-wara Temple of Dancing Shiva ( Natraj) at Dist Thanja-vur Tamil Nadu India

Multi-level towers of Hindu temple till ZERO TOP GATE

represent spiritual biology & awareness level






Pooran ( Brahm Lok) shunya shikher

Jeev Layer of Temple

Kaam ( spinal nerves with Parasympathetic ) ; usually famous & well propogated KAMSUTRA ART by common media worldwide.

Bal ( spinal nerves for antigravity muscles)

Krodh ( spinal nerves with sympathetic) fighting scenes

Vishaya vasana /Lobh ( cranial nerves with parasympathetic)

Ahankaar ( emotional intelligence/ Limbic system)

Budhi ( Neo- Cortex)

Chit ( prefrontal cortex)

Hriday samadhi (heart)

Human body nerves & temple architecture

Autonomic nervous system supply heart & many other organs of body through 64 spinal nerves ( 32 on each side) ;

8 cranial nerves out of 24 has autonomic nervous system ( 4 on each side);

note 16 out of 24 cranial nerves donot have autonomic nervous system;

Lateral inversion likely represent final dissolution or PRALAY before one achieve status of AVADHOOT or Pratpar or GUNA-TEET ( beyond Tamsic, Rajsik, Satvik) into status of Sda Shiv & finally ADI SHIV; Pratpar during lifetime & Pooran after death.

See SHAIV-ISM, Vaishnism, SHAKTI-ISM in MD SPIRITUAL BIOLOGY . COM for different Architecture marvels like 64 chambers temple,


6 of spiritual levels & Architecture above JEEV

Jeev, Shar, Akshar, Pra, Pratpar, Pooran

SKY GUIDE from earth to BRAHM LOK that is

Jeev ( 🦌 deer),

Purvashada nakshatra( 🐊🐘) & Uttra Ashadha Nakshatra(🐅) junction ;

EAGLE 🦅 Garud -snake 🐍 Basuki- Eagle Nebula of Serpent CONSTELLATION- Meru- space Dust mountain -Vishnu- Ambrosia pot;

Kaal ( 🦏 Rhino);

Mahakaal (🐃 Buffalo) ;

all in one line;

BRAHMPURI center ( Cow) surrounded by 1000 MAHAKAAL.


Bhu lok ( earth)

Bhuvr lok ( earth & moon)

Swar lok ( earth, moon, other planets)

Mahar lok ( total solar system)


Gyan lok ( one Galaxy/ Akash- Ganga with one Black hole )

Pra (Kaal)

Tap lok ( all Galaxies with one Kaal )

Pratpar (Mahakaal/ Avadhoot)

( all Kaal with one MAHA-Kaal, one universe)


Pooran at Kingdom of Light

Brahm lok = all 1000 MAHA-Kaal around one Divay (5 powered VISHIST ADVAIT SEED God particle of Jeev, Kshar, Akshar, Pra & Pratpar) lok. 1000 multi universe of manifestation.

5 ADVAIT & 1000 MAHAKAAL Lingams

1) Combodia

5 VISHIST ADVAIT LINGAS at KBAL SPEAN ( head bridge ) river that flows into Angokar Wat; built around 1000 AD to 2000 AD during reign of King SURYA- VARMAN-1) & King UDAYA-DITYA-VARMAN-2.

These KHMER KINGS used to come at 1000 MAHA-KAAL LINGAS for holy dip.

2) India 1000 Mahakaal

1000 MAHAKAAL Lingams at banks of river SHAL-MALA in Dist SIRSI in state of Karnataka in India made around 1700 AD by ruler SADA-SHIVA-RAYA of Vijaynagar Kingdom of South India.

3) Indonesia

5 circles representing five conglomerated powers of KINGDOM OF LIGHT (Jeev, Kshar, Akshar,Pra,Pratpar, Pooran)


Hari Rama & Mata Sita at Vaikunth part of Brahm lok
Hari Krishna & Mata Rukmani at Golok part of Brahm lok or Hari Dham
Har Har Mahadev , Mata Adi Parvati, Ganesha, Kartikeya, Ashoka Sundari at Adi Kailash part of Brahm lok.
Hari Narayan & Mata Laxmi at Sheer Sagar

Hari Datta-treya & Mata Ana-gha Laxmi at Badri ka Ashram.

Divay , Shunay lok ( 1000 Kaal- MAha- Kaal ; combination ZERO doors or SHUNYA SHIKHER) 1000 gates to Kingdom of Lights or Pooran Brahm ( Brahm 🙏 with 1000 hands)

Architectural JOURNEY


Holy Dip

Holy Dip place at Ground level; Person to be purified enters from SOUTH end steps into water; take holy dip ( like Baptisation ) & walks up the NORTH END HOLY STEPS to Door and Dome to Kingdom of light at SATUPA on top of hill wrongly claimed as Buddhist structure.
Person to be purified enters from SOUTH end steps into water; take holy dip ( like Baptisation ) & walks up the NORTH END HOLY STEPS to Door and Dome to Kingdom of light at SATUPA on top of hill wrongly claimed as Buddhist structure.
3000 BC ; Steps from water body in North direction & then enter Stupa ( temple) of Light with Gate Zero of Dissolution.
The Multi level travel upto door for Kingdom of Light ; after HOLY DIP
water body at low ground level & then Stupa ( temple) of Light with Gate Zero of Dissolution at Higher ground level. Same Vedic Architecture at Akshardham Delhi 2020.


Please be aware of ANCIENT VEDIC DEEP SPACE COSMOLOGY very well sculptured into our Ancient Vedic TRADITION BASED temples.

Purvashada and Uttar ashadha Nakshatra mentioned in vedic Rigveda as crocodile 🐊, 🐘 and 🦁.

Lion 🦁 The vehicle of Durga Mata,

crocodile 🐊 the vehicle of Diety of water 💦 Apa &

elephant 🐘 of Mahadevi Lakshmi and Indra actually indicate the deep space spiritual cosmology.

The juntional direction joining TWO NakshatraS points towards serpentine 🐍 constellation

🐍 harbours the largest Galaxy in the Cosmos called Pushka Dweep in Hinduism & IC 1101 by modern astrologers.

The serpentine 🐍 constellation also harbours The 🦅 Eagle nebula.

Thus 🐊 🐘 🦅 🐍🥣 the divine Gaj ( elephant) Moksha is also the same SPIRITUAL COSMOLOGY connect.

🐊🐘🦅🐍 🥣 Hindu temple COSMOLOGY ( Purvashada, Uttarashadha nakshatra junction 🐊 🐘) , Patal lok ( 🐍🦅) & Divay lok ( Ambrosia pot 🥣) Junction
Moon, Sun, Galaxy, kaal, Mahakaal
🦁 🐘 Konark Sun Temple Odisha India
🦁 & 🐘
Crocodile 🐊; Sun Temple, Konark, Odisha, India
🐘, 🐅 Tiger caves Mahabalipuram
🐘🦅 🦁 Datta-treya & Ansuya Mata Mandir , Mahur-gad, Maharastra. India

दिव्य शरीर की प्राप्ति

In Hindu philosophy Matter & related energy go together;

matter is male and energy is female;

that is why we have

Atomic matter & atomic energy; (Kshar )

Dark matter & Dark energy;( Akshkar)

ANTI-matter & ANTI- energy (Pra)

Divine matter & divine energy domain ( Pratpar or Avadhoot during life of Avatars & then BRAHM-PUR after death )

Note ; All Hindu scriptures are written in model of Jeev, Kshar, Akshar, Pra, Parmatma, Pooran. whether Gita, Ramayan, Sukhmani Sahib etc.

Kingdom of Light

Different address at Brahm-Pur

Hari Rama & Mata Sita at Vaikunth

Adi Shiv & Mata Adi Parvati at Adi Kailash

Hari Krishna & Mata Rukmani at Golok

Hari Narayana & Mata Laxmi at Ksheer sagar

Hari Datta-treya & Mata Anagha at Badri ka Ashram

Hari Vasudeva & Devaki at Shwet-deep

( Adam & Eve)

Divine male & female .

Journey to earth

🙏 Divine male & female were residents of DIVINE KINGDOM OF LIGHT ;

who decide somehow to be a part of non divine (Material universe) or took challange to evolve from KARMA to NISHKAAM status in material world & to get back into Divine Kingdom of light again’

Journey back to Home

Destination zero

Zero & infinity concept given by Hindus ( shunya & Ananat)

( Zone of Divinity, no mix of impurity)

by Rediscovering DIVINE HOLY LIGHT🙏 BACK INTO HEART 💓 after

moves all around body , brain and finally settles in heart.

in Sanskrit = Yog chit Vrittiie nirodham.

Connecting heart 💓 with Divine Holy word & Holy light (yog) thereby negating all impurities ( nirodham) the brain 🧠neural energy expenditure ( chit Vrittiie).