VAISHANAV-ISM (वैष्णव) in 2 minutes;MD Puneet Gupta SB


This reading material may give one ultimate Spiritual knowhow theory. However own Sadhna practice & commitment to embibe holy word & holy light  alone can materialize spiritual awareness for ownself under an able Spiritual teacher ( Guru;  who already has holy word & Holy light ; Brahm Naad & Brahm Prakash imbibed in ownself).Otherwise this reading material shall just yield a theory & not practical experience. Theory may appear irrelevant to one who donot understand that MERE  READING ALONE can not TRANSFORM one into Spiritual Enlightenment.It is holy word & Holy light that enlightened our great spiritual leaders.I have presented vital framework to creat an environment of universal promotion of all religions & shared human evolution & spiritual biology for understanding highest values of spiritual wealth these Divine leaders have imparted us. I was fortunate to have a glimpse of higher Spiritual experience by grace of my Samarth Guru. Any suggestions & modifications are always sought for increasing human holy understanding & experience.

Human body a tool to change different body parts into Divine Mani sarir
These body parts work for Lust, strength,anger, greed, ego, attachment, chinta and mercilessness. काम बल क्रोध लोभ अहंकार, मोह, चिंता, कठोर हृदय

Adding the immortal partner through five milestones; kshar, Akshar, Pra, Pratpar and pooran. ब्रह्मविद्या के 5 मील पत्थर क्षर अक्षर परा परात्पर पूर्ण ।
The divine partner, The SELF;। ब्रह्म स्वरूप; मणि शरीर, महाबीज शरीर।
The divine partner, The SELF;।               ब्रह्म स्वरूप; मणि शरीर, महाबीज शरीर।

The five levels of human consciousness are

1)जीव, जिज्ञासु

2)क्षर , प्रदुमन ,

3)अक्षर ,अनिरुद्ध,

4) परा, संकर्षण ,

5) परात्पर, वासुदेव,

6) पूर्णब्रह्म, नारायण।

Level 1

Non  initiated  : Person without spiritual awareness.


Level 2

VIRAT ROOP / KSHAR Brahm or Karya Brahm (sagun anu and parmanu)

विराट रूप / क्षर ब्रह्म / क्रिया ब्रह्म

Level 3

VISHAV ROOP/ AKSHAR (sagun Akshar Aum; kal and Shakti; with and without any and parmanu)

Chaturbhuj roop / Mahad Brahm/ Akshar Brahm

चतुर्भुज / अक्षर ब्रह्म / महद ब्रह्म

Level 4

PRA PRAKASH; Sagun prakash ROOP that remove darkness ( destroyer of evil).

VISHAV ROOP; Many universe expanding or crunhing back into the realm of GLOW matter, Mani Loka. विश्वरूप असंख्य सृष्टियों का फैसना और वापिस मणि लोक में सिकुड़ना।

परा ब्रह्म / बुराई को नष्ट करने वाला सगुण प्रकाश।

Level 5A&5B


NISHKAAM KARM and SHAKTIPAAT MIRACLES during lifetime through PRATPAR Nirgun prakash body

तीन गुणों के परे (निर्गुण) परात्पर ब्रह्म/ विशुद्ध प्रेम/ अनन्य भक्ति; वाला निर्गुण प्रकाश स्वरूप

Nirgun; Nirmal ; Beej Prakash ; seed particle of everything including divine ( vishist Advait).
After Gita darshan Arjun is with Divine swaroop and fit to do NISHKAAM KARM under guidance of Shree Krishna.


Leave physical body ,at will, to be left with DIVINE nirgun BODY ALONE (HARI / Hari Rama / Hari Krishna / Hari Vitthal / Hari Narayan / Hari Vasudeva / Hari Guru ) and merge into POORAN BRAHM status.

पूर्णब्रह्म / विशिष्ट अद्वैत (सभी तत्त्व जीव,क्षर अक्षर परा, परात्पर का बीज) रुप होना (मणि) ; यह सभी तत्व ऐसे कहे जाते हैं प्रदुमन ,अनिरुद्ध, संकर्षण ,वासुदेव, नारायण।

Let THOU light shine through us, we THOU childern O’ LORD. God is one senior human who has achieved the DIVINE Glow matter body before us in their respective life time either from birth itself ( in case of Avatars) or got it  in later part of life (Guru). So let us all help each other to join the DIVINE club in our lifetime. Rise and not rest unto realm of Glowhood club. Be the glow, share the glow, Live & let live the Glow (मनि , मणि शरीरा)🙏