A) Vedas Glory(वेद मर्म)in 2 minutes; Dr Puneet code.

There are five levels of spiritual awareness one can achieve in one’s lifetime.


Non  initiated  : Person without spiritual awareness.  जिज्ञासु


KShar (क्षर) BRAHM ( ब्रह्म)/ ISHWAR / : Spiritual awareness at second level. Sashupti ( focus at ❤️ heart only )


AKSHAR  (ॐ अक्षर) Brahm (ब्रह्म)/ MAHAD BRAHM ( महद ब्रह्म)/ PARAM ISHWAR: Spiritual awareness at third level represented by Aum. Akshar ,Holy sound (नाद) Aum has travelled throughout the whole body and lead to Nirvikar Samadhi.


PRA( परा; सगुण प्रकाश) BRAHM (ब्रह्म)PARMATMA: The Sagun light is Fourth level of awareness. It is represent light that destroy darkness or evil.

5a & 5b)

PRATPAR (परात्पर) BRAHM (ब्रह्म) / NIRMAL/ nishkaam : Final level of awareness is represented by the SEED power ( बीज प्रकाश)of everything in lifetime

After death 5a alone is left with SEED TATAV that and that alone can merge into POORAN BRAHM after death.

Thus “HE” (almighty LORD HARI, Pooran Brahm) knows about both cosmos that is material as well as Divine;whereas “he” ( Jeev) knows neither of the two entirely.

Hence PRATPAR BRAHM (5a level) is Neither ultimate truth ( that is not POORAN Brahm; 5b; पूर्णब्रह्म ५ब); nor False (asat 1,2,3,4; अस्त १,२,३,४,) that is Kshar, Akshar, pra Brahm( level 1,2,3, 4).

Pooran Brahm has no sagun material and called ULTIMATE TRUTH .

Now in last spiritual awareness level the body is full of nothing except ONE thing throughout that is divine white light ( nirgun; निर्गुण प्रकाश) and APPEARS to resurrect after death.

Even though divine white light body was present BEFORE death too but was associated with physical atomic body

After death nirgun prakash alone survive or apparently resurrect.

हरि निर्मल