War, weapon, winning & spirituality in 2 minutes.


This reading material may give one ultimate Spiritual knowhow theory. However own Sadhna practice & commitment to embibe holy word & holy light  alone can materialize spiritual awareness for ownself under an able Spiritual teacher ( Guru;  who already has holy word & Holy light ; Brahm Naad & Brahm Prakash imbibed in ownself).Otherwise this reading material shall just yield a theory & not practical experience. Theory may appear irrelevant to one who donot understand that MERE  READING ALONE can not TRANSFORM one into Spiritual Enlightenment.It is holy word & Holy light that enlightened our great spiritual leaders.I have presented vital framework to creat an environment of universal promotion of all religions & shared human evolution & spiritual biology for understanding highest values of spiritual wealth these Divine leaders have imparted us. I was fortunate to have a glimpse of higher Spiritual experience by grace of my Samarth Guru. Any suggestions & modifications are always sought for increasing human holy understanding & experience.

In fact inability to self inculcate or not being able to BUY, SNATCH, STEEL or SPREAD the holy word & holy light through own MASTER-ING over it; leads to use of BRUTAL FORCE & KILLINGS to yield SPIRITUAL TRANSFORMATION of spiritual biology.

wars on planet earth

The Great wars of world

Deeper study of WORLD CONTEMPORARY HISTORY shall reveal to everyone surprise that it is primarily driven by dominant wish to have merciless possession of others.

Human GLOBAL history is static.

Barbarians they loot & threaten wealthy unsecured resources and become wealthy;

again over time barbarian become wealthy & civilized to be looted by NEWER barbarians ( sur & asur)

India was unsecured GOLDEN SPARROW to be looted by merciless SPANISH, PORTUGUESE, AFGANS, MONGOL derived Mugals & BRITISHERS.

British GLOBAL EMPIRE which destroyed or damaged very many cultures across GLOBE;

in turn were looted by NAZIS;

NAZIs inturn threatened & restricted by AMERICANs, Britishers combined; AMERICANS then threatened by Communists; COMMUNIST inturn threatened by DEMOCRACY; Democracy in turn threatened by CORRUPRT (wanting to be richer merciless criminal religious radical factions of globe).

This ongoing MAHABHARATA of LOOT , threatening Via a Vis SECURITY is there to stay forever & ever; thereby each one of us on earth 🌎 has to decide which side of the LOOT, threatening, security one is;

One has to decide one’s role in this GREAT WAR of looters and being looted;


on the side of RIGHTOUSNESS for achieving divinity wisdom SPIRITUAL HEALTH WELLNESS psychology to all Brothers & sisters; despite being threatened to be looted & killed ( by merciless non divine beins ; who declare themselves hard core directly or remain in disguise of non looters so as to spy or infilterate or help kidnap important righteous people).


Join the HARD CORE MERCILEESS CRIMINALS alluring others to unjust, unprovoked, barbaric, killings, loot & accumulate land, animals, women, wealth, resources by NON RIGHTOUSNESS; in disguise or false name ( 🦁 lion in disguise of sheep skin by misleading in name of expanding the divine cause without have any knowhow of divine mercy ; to fight out poverty, in-justice, in-equality, non- democracy ; delivery of Heavens in afterlife- not currently etc etc).

Thus answer is stay on side of RIGHTOUSNESS & SELF RULE ( rule by all, for all, to all) & self spiritual awareness leading to ultimate Freedom from material loot into secure world of DIVINE IN OWN CURRENT LIFETIME.

Behind these series of events; the Gita reveals that RIGHTOUS humans while on right DIVINE path of ENLIGHTENMENT will develop upto five levels of SELF awareness levels in this lifetime

(whereas Avatar like of Krishna have fifth level of consciousness from the birth itself).

Therefore NON AVATARS RIGHTIOUS; need to have a mental development upto fifth level ( jeev, kshar, Akshar, Pra, satithpragya in lifetime)

then alone

one achieve Moksha; the ULTIMATE SELF FREEDOM from all bad LOOTING virtues in lifetime as well as Afterlife.

It is always the weapon (SHASTR/ शस्त्र) & scripture (SHASTAR, शास्त्र) one follow

The weapons evolving armamentarium.

Stone age,

iron age,

copper age,

bronze age,

steel age,

cannon and gun age,

Bomb age,

nuclear missile age,

current. Robotic age;

future Interplanetary space war age

The Goal of Scripture (the holy war)

Getting from human to divinity is the whole scheme of things.

Shar/ son of man / Abhas Purush

Akshar/Son of God/kutasthpurush

Pra/ Holy mother/ Prakriti

Pratpar/ Holy father/ Sat purush

Resurrection / Lord/ Bhagwan

The philosophy of winning

Ultimately the win goes to

1)Tech and Love for life &Lord ,

2) equality

3) humility

4) no one above another,except DIVINE will

The win as always

Light removes the Devil & Darkness

Jai Bhagwan Hari.


stone to glow stone

By the Lord

To the Lord

For the Lord.

Let THOU light shine through us, we THOU childern O’ LORD. God is one senior human who has achieved the DIVINE Glow matter body before us in their respective life time either from birth itself ( in case of Avatars) or got it  in later part of life (Guru).

So let us all help each other to join the DIVINE club in our lifetime.


Rise and rest not unto realm of Glowhood Divine club.

Be the glow, share the glow, Live & let live the Glow (मनि , मणि शरीरा)🙏