War, weapon, winning & spirituality in 2 minutes.

wars on planet earth

It is always the weapon (SHASTR/ शस्त्र) & scripture (SHASTAR, शास्त्र) you follow

The weapons evolving armamentarium.

Stone age,

iron age,

copper age,

bronze age,

steel age,

cannon and gun age,

Bomb age,

nuclear missile age,

current. Robotic age;

future Interplanetary space war age

The Goal of Scripture (the holy war)

Getting from human to divinity is the whole scheme of things.

Shar/ son of man / Abhas Purush

Akshar/Son of God/kutasthpurush

Pra/ Holy mother/ Prakriti

Pratpar/ Holy father/ Sat purush

Resurrection / Lord/ Bhagwan

The philosophy of winning

Ultimately the win goes to

1)Tech and Love for life &Lord ,

2) equality

3) humility

4) no one above another,except DIVINE will

The win as always

Light removes the Devil & Darkness

Jai Bhagwan Hari.


stone to glow stone

By the Lord

To the Lord

For the Lord.